Years and years ago, there was a place called The Enchanted Forest, full of colorful fairy tale and Mother Goose character figures for you to frolic in, on, and around. It was abandoned, but thankfully Clark’s Elioak Farm transported a bunch of the sculptures to their land and reignited the awesomeness that is The Enchanted Forest. You can read more over at their website.
Some more good news is that they just reopened for the season on Saturday! So I went with my dad to walk around, take pictures, and go through the maze. There are a lot of pictures (I posted all of them to Facebook), but I’m not going to overload you here. Definitely let me know if you want more, though!


They also have a petting farm with a miniature donkey, a horse, lots of goats, chickens, and my favorite: pigs!
Sometimes I complain that there’s “nothing to do” and that may be true in some regions, but this farm is literally 20 minutes from my house and there are so many other awesome things to do in Maryland. I’m lucky to live here and also to be relatively close to other surrounding states!

What’s your favorite thing(s) to do in your state?