Card Writing Party

I’m really glad that I got to attend my first letter writing social this year, plus another, and just this week a card writing party… just in time for the holidays.

Melissa, of craftgasm, organized the event at the Mount Pleasant library in DC. I prepared my Christmas cards in terms of rubber stamps, postage stamps, address labels, etc. and brought them ready to write. I only got through about twenty while I was there, but I’m very glad I went! It was a lot of fun.
I got to see Michelle again, for the first time since July. And Melissa for the first time since the first social she organized in April. There were colorful Oreos, tons of supplies, and an apparently taboo paper chain garland in a spacious meeting room.
Oh. And Michelle BROUGHT POGS. So that was good. Would you go to a card writing party? Are you planning on writing holiday cards this year? I’m hoping to have mine out by the fifth. Still gotta finish a bunch!