Things That Made Me Happy This Week
+ the world needs more love letters project

+ singing Karaoke in Baltimore [Wilson Phillips – “Hold On“]
+ fried crab rangoons
+ mistaking the sound of pennant banners flapping in the wind for rain

+ “I had no idea camels were such divas” – someone on a reality TV show
+ the You Are My Fave blog that I discovered!
+ deciding to do the Color Run in September when it comes to DC

+ sealing my time capsule (more to come)
+ my psychology professor and the way he teaches

+ paint swatch cards

+ my boss giving me a ring pop
+ seeing tulips blossom and progress from just a little bit of water over just a few hours
+ seeing a puppy bounding down the street with his rollerblading owner

+ making a mini yellow garland in Life Appreciation class (I look more crazy than happy but I promise I’m happy)

+ everyone enjoying the scratchy valentines I brought into work

+ buying my plane ticket to visit Janice in Utah (in May)
+ my dad getting me valentine goodies

+ getting Domino’s to make me a 666 pizza (as a joke!) that I brought to Matt for Valentine’s Day

What made you happy this week?