The past week and a half I’ve talked about being done with school and I’ve been careful about using the word “graduated” because I wanted to get my grades in officially. But I’m happy to say that my grades have been posted and I’m officially graduated. Now I’m just waiting on that diploma to be mailed. ๐Ÿ™‚

My last exam was 11 days ago and when I walked off campus to my car I was feeling really strange and distant and foggy. It was very surreal. As I got in the parking lot I saw some balloons floating in the air and thought “aw, that’s cute, someone got balloons” and as I got closer I realized it was my car. Matt and my dad appeared from somewhere and there were yellow and black streamers, a poster, balloons, and they had a card for me. It was super cute.ย 

I’m so very relieved and glad to be done with school. It almost took me six years to finish undergrad. A lot of that is because I found a job while I was in school and that required me to take smaller course loads, but I’m glad I found this job and I’m glad I’m done with school now so I can really focus on it.

I’m also very grateful that I have such wonderful people in my life that care enough to surprise me with balloons.

There’s no plan for me to go to graduate school right now or to even apply. Time to focus on work and use the time I have to do remarkable things. This weekend is a good example of how I want to spend my time… Butoh dance performances, hanging up street art flyers, art festivals, making mail, cook outs, dinner by the water in the city… Life is happening.