Part of the latter half of Finish This Book is to make my own manifesto. I felt really good about making this list. And now I will share it with you:

The Uncustomary Collective

+ I am passionate about color and happiness
+ I stand for progress and enthusiasm
+ I believe we can learn from others and be inspired by everything
+ I want to share street art with the world
+ I want to leave things behind on purpose that spark insight, curiosity, or exploration
+ I would like to achieve a wider appreciation for smaller things and public installations
+ I want to expand this passion with varied mediums
+ I want to add more art to the world at least every week
+ I want to hold meet ups for like minded people
+ I want to host elaborate events
+ I want my art to be all over the city and for it to be something strangers search for
+ Do innovative projects
+ Do put spins on existing ideas
+ Don’t ever lose your excitement
+ Don’t be discouraged by confused or negative feedback
+ Do things that you’re proud of, even if they’re challenging
+ Don’t customize your work for better responses
+ Do what makes you happy