Yesterday I went to the National Postal Museum in DC.

the postal museum is located in DC next to Union Station 

admission to the museum is free and they’re open 365 (except Christmas!)
this is what you see when you first walk in
lovely display of mailboxes

the back drop of the Education Center, when you can use computers to simulate mail travel 

Outside the Alphabetilately exhibit

there is a small exhibit/shadow box for each letter of the alphabet

large exhibit about USA’s military mail

mail pouch!

they certainly are..

combining my two current obsessions: textiles and mail!

super cool, right?

mini post office experience

part of a cute game where you threw the
packages into the appropriate bin based on
the address as part of the Systems At Work exhibit

they had a table where you could write
your opinions on snail mail and there
were some cute ones

the one I left spoke of my 365 project and asked for letters

all the slots were labeled and I found one for Baltimore, MD!

In other news I’ve still been sending and receiving mail.


Have you ever been to the Postal Museum? What’s your favorite part of mail history?