What I didn’t mention yesterday is where we ended up on the evening of my third day in Utah. All of the things after Dinosaur Park were leading up to our destination in Wyoming.. the Black Powder Guest Ranch. We stayed in a cabin and there was a lodge and we definitely met a cowboy and a farmer and a lady with handmade Uncle Sam earrings. That lady made us breakfast and was watching Community when we got there. Janice brought her blender and we had frozen watermelon margaritas (they’re even better than they sound) through big straws and we sat on the porch and watched the sun go down and literally two antelope play (on top of a mountain.. across the street).

After we had breakfast with a farmer and a cowboy we kept driving to the Grand Tetons. Janice warned me you can’t capture the grandness of them in photographs, and she was right.. but they sure were big.

On our way back we went through Jackson Hole, Wyoming and that’s a fun little cowboy town. There was a lot of cool buildings and structures. Oh, and we ate at a place called Million Dollar Cowboy Bar which is where you sit at the bar IN A SADDLE.

Oh, and don’t worry. I definitely put googly eyes on the moose on the poster in the bathroom stall at the visitor’s center.