Last month I saw that Katie Sokoler tweeted that she was going to be participating in the 26 Acts Of Kindness project, as a response to the tragedy in Connecticut. I decided that I would too, and from December 19 – January 14, I worked on doing random acts of kindness for my friends, coworkers, and strangers.
+ delivered snacks to the workers at my post office
+ picked up some things that a man dropped in a check out line
+ added a donation to my meal for St. Judes

+ sent a random acts of kindness calendar to Secret Agent L, who runs a RAOK site

+ gave a homeless woman some money

+ left money in an envelope for a coworker to get a soda

+ held a bouquet of balloons and a sign that said “have a great day” on the street*

+ mailed a bunch of random goodies to 10 friends

+ created a bubble wrap installation for people to use as a relaxation station*

+ made a mix CD of some of my favorite songs and left it for a stranger

+ created a Small Things Museum for people to use and play with*

+ sent flowers to my boss at work

+ brought snacks in for coworkers

+ + donated money towards someone’s layaway account at KMart

+ made a happy new year card and left it outside on new years eve
+ left nice blog comments
+ donated a bunch of clothes to the thrift store
+ bought a stranger a drink at a bar (who turned out to be the owner, but whatever)
+ bought a homeless man a meal
+ held the elevator door open for someone with a stroller
+ let someone go ahead of me in line
+ made a bird feeder for my yard (to feed hungry birds and to entertain Bug)
+ did a one time adoption of a baby penguin
+ donated money to the Polar Bear Plunge
+ paid for someone behind me in a drive-thru
+ left change in the pay to park machine
What have you done as a random act of kindness lately??