Even though my trip to Texas allowed me to meet my penpal and see adorable food trucks, the main reason for my visit was to attend The Blogcademy. Deciding to enroll in this workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After I quit my day job, I knew I wanted to dive further into the world of blogging, and learning from blogger babes Gala Darling, Kat Williams, and Shauna Haider was the best way to do so.

Class was held at Vuka, which is a space made for fabulous events like ours. I loved the open environment, complete with fantastic furniture and lighting. It was also a great bonus that we had tables to take notes on! I hope that’s something they implement in future Blogcademy groups.

When we arrived that first morning, our goodie bags were waiting for us at our seats. Some ladies were joking that the goodie bags were why they signed up. That may seem silly, but I could absolutely see why you would… they were fantastic! I’m thrilled that such amazing sponsors were able to support our class and provide us with beautiful presents.

Included in our customized Austin, TX tote bags were two cans of zero calorie soda (Zevia), a sparkly hair clip (GG’s Pin-up Couture), a greeting card (BigJon), an assortment of handmade soaps (Strawberry Hedgehog), a decorated hand mirror (The Aviary), and a set of glittery ears that everyone enthusiastically wore the rest of the weekend (Crown and Glory). And don’t forget about the incredibly thorough guide to WordPress (WordPress For Beginners) by Reeta Krishna!

With goodie bags in hand and ears placed on our heads, we exchanged introductions. There was an vast variety of incredible women, all with specific niches. Some had an established business and some hadn’t even started blogging. Some had traveled from Canada and some were close enough to let their dog out at lunch time. The best thing about this class is that no matter where you’re from or what phase you’re in with your blog or business, you will still learn a ton of valuable information.

At the end of the first day, I was exhausted. I’m certain that even if I had gotten more sleep the night before, or hadn’t driven two and a half hours to get there that morning, that I still would have been spent. The amount of tips and advice these ladies have to offer you is both inspiring and overwhelming. However, if I have to be exhausted, I want it to be an exhaustion full of hope, ideas, and empowerment, which is exactly how I felt.

I can’t stress enough how glad I am that I took this class. I had no doubt that I would thoroughly enjoy myself, but I boarded my plane back to Baltimore with so much more than just a fun experience to add to my collection. I feel like I have tools to help me through this next phase in my life, and I’m supremely grateful. Not to mention that being in a room with Gala Darling will completely change the energy of your spirit.


A Blogcadette


Photography credit: Jessica Monnich via source