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My Top 5 Lists Of 2018


+ Getting over two break-ups
+ Revving up my membership group to be something excellent
+ Recommitting my time to adventure and exploring
+ Being asked by people I really respect to collaborate, sometimes even for paid opportunities
+ Doing more introspective work than ever before and getting in touch with my body and mind on new levels


+ “Love Forty Down” by Frank Turner
+ “Midnight Crusade” by Dance Gavin Dance
+ “Woman” by Kesha
+ “Your Wild Years” by The Menzingers
+ “Coloring Outside The Lines” by MisterWives

TV Shows

+ “Paradise PD”
+ “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”
+ “Queer Eye”
+ “Big Mouth”
+ “Sex And The City”


+ “A Star Is Born”
+ “Deadpool 2”
+ “Infinity War”
+ “Black Panther”
+ “I Kill Giants”

Stand Up Specials

+ John Mulaney – “Kid Gorgeous”
+ Iliza Shlesinger – “Elder Millennial”
+ Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally – “Summer Of 69”
+ Russell Brand – “Re:Birth”
+ John Dick Winters – “Celebrate The Ugly Things”


+ Glad No Matter What – SARK
+ Lunar Abundance – Ezzie Spencer
+ Spirit Junkie – Gabrielle Bernstein
May Cause Miracles – Gabrielle Bernstien
Side Hustle – Chris Guillebeau

New Experiences

+ A real lumberjack telling me he loved me
+ Having anonymous sex
+ Moving Cristen and Joe (and Molly and Boyfriend) in as roommates
+ Riding on a motorcycle
+ Attending Baltimore Reclaiming events


+ Wolfenoot
+ Bubble Parade (4th Annual)
+ 30th Birthday Party
+ Karmafest
+ Illuminated Surrealist Garden Party


+ Guerrilla Love Signs
+ Halloween Bingo (with Janice)
+ When Life Gives You Lemons
+ Real Punk Is…
+ 2nd Annual Scarf Abandonment Project


+ Green Spring Hat
+ Pentagram Ring
+ Teal Septum Ring
+ Monocle Prop
+ Now Foods Pomegranate Lip Balm

Small Moments

+ Driving around looking for murals in a teal wig and rainbow coat with Janice in Salt Lake City
+ Laughing our asses off and getting tied up at the lake house
+ Swimming at the Secret Spot on the Full Moon
+ Joe cutting my Yule log in a flannel shirt
+ Seeing Against Me! play “Walking Is Still Honest” live in Baltimore


+ Ben Franklin impersonator at my party
+ Past Life Regression session (from Maura)
+ Balloon Installation on the front of my house (from April)
+ 30th Birthday Time Capsule I made for myself in my early 20’s
+ Lisa Frank Tarot (from Charlotte)


+ Delaware with Maura
+ Utah with Janice
+ Ocean City with Joe
+ New York to see Caylee
+ Lake House in Virginia

Adventure Attractions

+ Murder House
+ Fairy Gardens at Winterthur
+ Oddporium
+ Indian Echo Caverns
+ Charlottesville Art Center

External Discoveries

+ Alexandra Roxo
+ Boohoo Clothing
+ At Home Store
+ Wig Life
+ Riley Rose

Self Discoveries

+ I am queer!
+ I am absolutely a witch
+ A relationship with friendship and passion is possible, you don’t have to choose
+ I can be healthy if I try hard enough
+ 30 isn’t old or anywhere near the end

Ready to see my video compilation from 2018? It’s to the song “Tellin’ Lies” by The Menzingers” which is about making the most of your life right now, exactly entering the 30’s decade, which I thought was appropriate!

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