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My Top 5 Lists Of 2017


1. Moved out of my dad’s and in with Joe
2. Kept up the Uncustomary Babes membership group
3. Handled Bipolar disorder for the second year in a row
4. Marching on Washington in the biggest protest in history
5. Getting my first radio interview (on NPR!)


1. “The Great American Novel” – Beans On Toast
2. “Black As Night” – Nahko And Medicine For The People
3. “Get Better” – Frank Turner
4. “Wild One” – Suzi Quatro
5. “Crash” – Against Me!

TV Shows

1. The Mick
2. Girlboss
3. Wet Hot American Summer
4. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


1. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
2. Masterminds
3. Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two
4. Grey Gardens
5. Penelope

Stand-Up Specials

1. Russell Howard: Recalibrate
2. Neal Brennan: 3 Mics
3. Dylan Moran (Live)
4. Sarah Silverman: A Speck Of Dust
5. Dave Chapelle


1. You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero
2. Prosperity Pie by SARK
3. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas
4. The Encyclopedia Of Crystals by Judy Hall
5. Things Are What You Make Of Them by Adam JK

New Experiences

1. Successfully pranked April
2. Spray painted my first mural
3. Danced at a party to a live gospel choir
4. Meeting Ilana Glazer
5. Went to a burn by myself


1. Laura and Darian’s Handfasting Ceremony
2. 29 Rooms
3. Stuffed Animal Sleepover
4. Overlea Arts Festival Tree Installation
5. DIY Halloween Party


1. Scarf Abandonment Project
2. Through The Decades video for April’s 40th birthday
3. Life-Size Cut-Out Celebrity Tea Party
4. Honk If You… Series
5. Body Positivity Photoshoot


1. Custom carved candle from Enchantments
2. Fuzzy panda mask
3. Raw Ammonite
4. Witch Baby seasonal subscription
5. Illustration Collaboration Commission with KittyPinkStars

Small Moments

1. My dad and brother getting out of the hospital
2. Maura getting her keys out of the gutter
3. Getting dressed up as Little Edie on Halloween
4. Sifting through dirt and water for gemstones
5. Maura getting served a pea taco

Self Discoveries

1. I want to be healthier and that doesn’t mean I’m a body positivity fraud (and cooking isn’t that terrible)
2. Living without a parent is much harder than I thought, but I’m finally doing it
3. I’ve been bad at attracting things I don’t want by focusing on them with my thoughts instead of thinking about things I DO want
4. I can actually have a relationship with my mom
5. I’m becoming really selective/picky with who I spend my time with and how I do that

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