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My Top 5 Lists Of 2016


1. Publishing my book (and doing signings at Barnes and Noble)
2. Hiring and working with Maura as my photographer
3. Handling the onset of Bipolar disorder
4. Launching e-courses
5. Surviving the car crash


1. “Ghost Of Corporate Future” – Regina Spektor
2. “How Low” – Against Me!
3. “Lovers’ Carvings” – Bibio
4. “Our Own House” – Misterwives
5. “Lush Life” – Zara Larsson

TV Shows

1. “You’re The Worst”
2. “Difficult People”
3. “Sex And The City”
4. “Love”
5. “F Is For Family”


1. Deadpool
2. Sisters
3. Trainwreck
4. Howl’s Moving Castle
5. Ghostbusters (2016)

Stand-Up Specials

1. Louis CK (live)
2. Tom Seguara (live)
3. Tim Minchin – “So Fucking Rock”
4. Jim Jefferies – “Freedumb”
5. Michael Che – “Michael Che Matters”


1. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
2. Tranny – Laura Jane Grace
3. The Wander Society – Keri Smith
4. You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero
5. This Is About You: Amazing, Weird, Beautiful You – Mary England

Blog Posts

1. 50 Amazing Things About Everyday Life
2. Why Self-Love Is Important To Me
3. Use Your White Privilege To End Your White Privilege
4. You Don’t Need To Cover Your Under Eye Circles
5. How To Embrace Your Inner Weird

New Experiences

1. Meeting Laura Jane Grace
2. Getting my aura photographed
3. Flying internationally
4. Going to a cat cafe
5. Talking for 18 hours straight (with Laura) without more than 30 second pauses


1. Book Launch Party
2. Renwick Gallery Exhibit (DC)
3. Light City
4. Mail Socials in Harrisburg
5. Party Bus for my Birthday


1. Monochrome wall/outfit photos
2. Creating a Facebook group, podcast, and YouTube channel
3. “Use your white privilege to end your white privilege” installation
4. Street art portals
5. Balloon skirt


1. Signed Yes Please from Joe
2. Mary Pop Figure from Leigh
3. Light up shoes from Janice
4. Mermaid keychain from Dad
5. Multiple light up items from Laura


1. New car (“Roxy”)
2. Rainbow purse
3. Flower crowns
4. Duffel bags
5. Marquee board

Small Moments

1. Joe making a speech at my book party
2. All the times someone on the street said thank you for the sign in the window that says “You Look Good”
3. Voting for the first woman presidential candidate
4. Missing a really important windmill high five with Maura
5. Finding the magical stuffed Olafs on the side of the road

Self Discoveries

1. Friends should be people you are 100% comfortable to be yourself around (and they exist)
2. Creating an overall experience is really important and is worth the effort
3. Having a business is fucking hard, but it’s what I want to do
4. It’s okay to let regrets and mistakes fuel your future decisions for the better
5. I’m good at a lot of things

I honestly can’t believe it’s time to make the end of the year compilation video, but I’m also really relieved we’re turning the metaphorical page into 2017 soon. For this year’s video I pieced together little teeny moments from the past fifty-two weeks and put it to the tune of one of my favorite songs ever by Regina Spektor. There’s beauty in the little things. Embrace it.

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