I realize there is a whole month left of December and this year, but I’m going to be trying to make the absolute most of it, so I might not have time to do things like make compilation videos. Instead, I’m starting a new tradition of sharing snippets from my life this year video-style. Because it’s the first time, there are a few (although a very minimal few) parts that I stole from 2013, but it’s my video and I will do the things that I want to do.

Having an Air Pro camera that fits in my hand has made recording footage a lot easier, and I want to remind you that most of the time I don’t think to videotape the day-to-day. There are days where all I do is run errands, eat pasta while watching DVDs, and nap. Those aren’t really spoken for in this video, but I don’t want you to think my life is all confetti and rainbows.

Regardless, it might give you a little better idea of those fun days. Those days full of color and wind in your hair. The days worth writing home about. I hope you enjoy. I’m loving watching it, it reminds me of the beauty I’ve experienced this year.

Song: “The Stars” by Jukebox The Ghost