Today’s post is just a fun, simple treat for you to enjoy this Halloween season. I really wanted to make a Halloween-themed bingo because I’ve seen a lot of them at party stores for party activities, but they are always just for actual bingo games. I know that’s a weird complaint, but I wanted to make one that was more bucket list/activity based for the spookiest season of the year. So the idea is you print it out and as you do the themed activity, you get to mark off that spot, and then you can go for Bingo, Round Robin, or even a Blackout!

When I had this idea, I reached out to my awesome friend, Janice, who is a fantastic illustrator at Janice’s Ghost, and asked her if she would be up for making my ideas come to life for this Bingo board. I’m so grateful she was up for the challenge, because she truly loves Halloween the most out of all my friends (I know that’s a dangerous statement!), and her style is just perfect for this project. Make sure you go follow her Instagram account and leave her some love for making this free resource for you! PS – Which is your favorite drawing?

Halloween Bingo | Uncustomary

Want to download a printable PDF version? Click below!
(If you’re an Uncustomary Babe, check the group; you already have access!)

And don’t forget to check out my Bucket List of 100 Things To Do This Halloween for even more ideas of how to celebrate this season! I even made a video of some of the things I’ve done so far.