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I think it’s very important to take stock of what you’ve done in the past year before you move on to making goals for the next year. (It’s also a very good Capricorn Season trait to make note of what you’ve already accomplished!) This has definitely not been the best year for me personally or professionally, but the same way that I say it’s the most important to make an entry in your gratitude journal when you’re having a crappy day, I believe it may be even more important to make a list of accomplishments of your year when you think it hasn’t been the “best”/most abundant/productive year. It gives you a fresh perspective of the things that you were able to achieve despite the adversity in your life that you most likely weren’t able to anticipate.

For example, I sure as hell didn’t expect to go through not one, but two, break-ups this year! One of which, left me feeling completely numb/like I had no faith in humanity. That was a lot to come back from! I ended up entering the most amazing romantic relationship of my life after that, exploring the coolest places I have in years, and still managing to not just do my job, but check a few things off my bucket list in the process! I’d say that’s pretty productive and successful!

You never know what you’re going to be faced with. The goals you make for 2019 don’t know what kind of adversity you’ll be faced with months from now, but right now all we can do it fill ourselves with hope and enthusiasm and hope that that once the dust settles from those pending issues that we’re left for a desire to accomplish the goals we set out to do in the beginning of the year. But guess what? If you decide those goals aren’t in line with the new vision for yourself, that’s not a bad thing. Things change constantly, including your state of mind.

The point of this list is to express gratitude for the things that i was able to accomplish in 2018, despite all the things I was up against. Despite the relationship issues with romantic partners, my search for love, my issues with my mom, my fight with my Bipolar disorder, and so much more that I don’t openly don’t share on the online world. If anything, this list is just for me to come back and reflect on, but I definitely encourage you to make your own list! What did you do in 2018? Let’s focus on what you accomplished this year instead of what you didn’t do. I bet that list is actually much bigger! If you make a list, I’d love to see.

2018 Accomplishments

  • Being on the news for a project I started
  • How successful the Scarf Abandonment Project (Round 2) was
  • Meeting The Hon
  • Getting over not one, but two, break-ups
  • Taking a trip to Utah that was fully paid by my friend, Janice
  • Going to a trampoline park for the first time
  • Having a NSFW coloring book printed about me, even if it wasn’t intended to replicate me
  • A lumberjacm telling me he loves me
  • Learning so much about my sexuality
  • Having someone in a panda mask come into a bar and instigate dancing with me
  • A beach trip with Maura
  • Finding an amazing lime green spring hat
  • Riding on a motorcycle for the first time in my life
  • Re-doing the “If You Have Lemons” installation
  • Cristen becoming my roommate
  • Starting going to Baltimore Reclaiming events
  • Going to Karmafest
  • Having my 30th birthday being almost fucking perfect (e.g. Ben Franklin impersonator)
  • Cristen reminding me that every time I came home from dates with Joe that I acted different
  • Meeting Joe and starting/starting to date him/falling in love with him/moving in with him
  • Re-exploring my love with roadside attractions and abandoned/spooky places (seeing more interesting places than I have in years past combined!)
  • Coming out officially as queer
  • Getting a Past Life Regression session
  • The time capsule I opened that I made for myself in my early 20’s
  • Visiting a butterfly garden for the first time
  • Midnight swimming sessions at the Secret Spot
  • Planting a Faerie Garden
  • Having Molly and Boyfriend as pets in my house
  • Hosting the 4th Annual Bubble Parade
  • Really celebrating and honoring the full/new moon/moon phases
  • Creating an alpaca plushie family
  • Getting back in touch with my membership group, the Uncustomary Babes, and providing amazing content/value to them
  • Meeting my long-time pen-pal from South Africa in New York while she was visiting
  • Truly developing a Magical Morning Ritual
  • Seeing Against Me! perform in Baltimore (and play “Walking Is Still Honest” live!)
  • Discovering the At Home store
  • Seeing a meteor shower
  • Interviewing Alexandra Roxo on my podcast
  • Discovering Tabbouleh
  • Attending the Surrealist Garden Party
  • Being asked to co-host a podcast on a major network
  • Deciding not to do the Scarf Abandonment Project (round 3) for free
  • Implementing the tradition of Fuck Yeah Fridays (a day for adventure/exploration)
  • Celebrating Halloween harder than I have in a long time
  • Offering free 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Getting invited back to the Press Release tour of the Baltimore’s Christmas Village tour
  • Being featured in the Baltimore Magazine for body positivity
  • Having twinkle lights up on my house the first time as a grown up
  • Producing more content than I have in a long time
  • Losing 30 pounds (even if I gained it back)/proving to myself I can live a healthier lifestyle despite my medication’s side effects
  • Learning more about Tarot and moon cycles than I ever have before

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What’s on your list of accomplishments this year?