2013 was a great year, and although I know it’s not over, I wanted to share my some Top 5 lists from different categories. If something life altering happens in the next week, I will be sure to edit the lists. I would love to hear your Top 5 lists from any of these categories, or from ones that you make up!

To be clear, these are all things that have been relevant since January 1st, 2013. Top albums, TV shows, etc. are just the ones that have affected me the most this year, not necessarily brand new in 2013. The items within categories are not ordered with importance, either. It was hard enough to narrow things down to five!


1) Being on TV for art
2) Taking a risk to quit my job and start a business
3) Overcoming a break-up
4) Having a secret admirer
5) Continuing to define myself as Mary


1) Chicago
2) Utah
3) Philadelphia
4) Texas
5) Pittsburgh

Bug Photos

Don’t forget that you guys voted on this! I calculated everything and these were the winners. I was pretty surprised at the results, actually!


1) “Warrior” – Ke$ha
2) “Safe Travels” – Jukebox The Ghost
3) “Bleed American” – Jimmy Eat World
4) “Ceremonials” – Florence + The Machine
5) “Horrorscope” – Eve6

Songs To Dance To

1) “Die Young” – Ke$ha
2) “I Love It” – Icona Pop
3) “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke
4) “Punching In A Dream” – The Naked & Famous [dancing]
5) “Timber” – Ke$ha & Pitbull

Outfits & Accessories

1) Ruffled bottoms
2) Beetlejuice leggings
3) Galaxy leggings
4) Sequined tunic
5) Jump From Paper purse

TV Shows

1) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
2) Arrested Development
3) Girls
4) The League
5) Parks And Recreation

New Blogs

1) Magical Daydream
2) Veronica Varlow’s Danger Diary
3) Zauberbear
4) Sayraphim Lothiam
5) Yes and Yes

Photos I Took

Weird Things I Did

1) Cussing out Ric Flair
2) Chasing an inflatable ice cream cone down the beach
3) Wearing a unicorn mask in the ocean
4) Gas station tacos on top of a Jeep
5) Wearing an “excessive” amount of temporary tattoos

Outdoorsy Things

1) Art Picnic
2) Artscape
3) Water balloon “fight”
4) Touching a waterfall
5) Swimming in the ocean at 3 am

Balloon Adventures

1) Balloon celebration
2) Human Rainbow
3) Handing balloons to strangers
4) Balloon installation
5) Fake balloons above my bed

Interactions With Strangers

1) Jerome loving his blanket
2) Erica and the disposable camera
3) Ben Franklin (is my boyfriend)
4) The Starbucks drive-thru guy
5) Man who found the dancing dolphin

New Experiences

1) Not having a day job
2) Riding in a hot air balloon
3) Art show
4) Getting arrested
5) Riding a mechanical bull

Street Art Projects

1) Rainbow tree yarnbomb
2) Pointless surveys
3) Guerrilla gardening
4) Bus stop shelter party
5) Small Things Museum

Meet Ups

1) Artbomb Party
2) Basement Art
3) Blogcademy
4) Create Baltimore
5) Recess

Lyrics & Quotes

1) “It just takes some time, Mary girl you’re in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine. Everything will be alright.” – Jimmy Eat World / Michelle Swetnam
2) “Mary! You’ve been here for five minutes, and you already got glitter every day.” – Charlotte Boyer
3) “Well, you must realize, Harriet, knowing everything won’t do you a bit of good unless you use it to put beauty in this world.” – Golly
4) “I keep dancing on my own.” – Robyn
5) “Say my name, as every color illuminates. We are shining, and we will never be afraid again.” – Florence Welch

Self Discoveries

1) I can survive being single and don’t need to date anyone
2) Without structure, I revert to laziness. So, in the absence of it, I must create it.
3) The things that I really want are going to take a lot of work.
4) I’m not living in a healthy way.
5) I can have a good time by myself.