Last month, I was on a guerrilla kindness mission. I walked around the Inner Harbor slapping stickers on poles, leaving goody bags and notes for strangers to find. Months before that day, I had started carrying around a self addressed/stamped bubble mailer with a disposable camera inside. My intent was to find someone interested in taking pictures with it, and then drop it in a mailbox so it could make its way back to me.

As I was leaving things around downtown, a lady approached me to ask if I was doing guerrilla marketing. I told her it was more just for fun and to spread kindness and cheer. I gave her and her friend some confetti bows I had made, and headed on my way. But a few steps later, I realized she would be perfect for the camera. I turned around and asked her if she’d be interested in doing this project for me, and she agreed!

Not long after, I received the camera in the mail. I got it developed, and I’m going to share the photos with you! She took her photos around her workplace, which is a marketing communications firm in the city. The thing with disposable cameras is you never know what’s going to happen. I personally love the grainy effect you get from their film, but sometimes, no matter what you do, things come out dark or warped.

For me, though, this was about the interaction. I greatly enjoyed Erica’s willingness to approach me, and appreciated her participation in my project. I hope to meet more people like her in during my adventures.

[What she wrote in the paper slip I included in the mailer]

What picture is your favorite?

Thanks again, Erica! Have a happy happy week.