For my 12th Fun A Day project, I ordered a bouquet of balloons and took them to Hampden. I stood outside the bank, held up a sign that said “Have a great day!”, and smiled at people as they passed. I asked pedestrians if they would like a balloon, and if they did, I gave them whatever color they wanted. A lot of kids were excited, but so were some adults.
A lot of people were very confused by why I was doing it. I got asked who I was doing it for, and what company I worked for. “Just to do it” wasn’t an answer that satisfied everyone, but it’s all I’ve got. Haha. The girl below walking away with the purple balloon was my favorite, though. She was all for it!
I didn’t hand them all out, so I tied the remaining ones to parking meters down the block. I’ve kept the “Have a great day!” sign in my car and I put it on top of my backpack and other belongings when I leave them in my car in the city. I figure if that doesn’t deter someone from breaking into my car, I don’t know what will. 🙂
The Fun A Day closing reception was this weekend, and I’m so happy with how successful it was. I am really proud of myself for completing this, and feel very lucky to have been a part of it.


Something really cool happened at the closing. I met the woman who took the photo of the Hon Girls that you can see behind me in the first picture. She came up to my table and we started talking about fun bathrooms and I mentioned one in Hampden. She told me that she took the picture of the Hon Girls outside the bank and I got really excited. “THIS?!” I said, and was excited that I not only knew what she was talking about, but had photographic evidence right behind me in my exhibit. It felt full circle in a really fun way.


Would you have wanted a balloon? Would you ever do this yourself?

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