I believe that we have the opportunity to make every single day of our lives magic. Some days we make that happen, and some days we don’t, but it’s always our choice.

Magic means different things to different people, and the past year or two, I’ve really gotten more interested in things I originally thought were too “new age” or “hippy-dippy”. I’ve found those things to be beneficial in a big way, and I know they sound crazy sometimes. I support you in making your own choices, but I want to encourage you to try things on this list that might even have an inkling of interest in your brain. What’s the worst thing that happens if you try it and it doesn’t work? After all, as Roald Dahl so astutely observed, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.

100 Ways To Add Magic To Your Life | Uncustomary Art

100 Ways To Add Magic To Your Life

1. Hang a prism in your window to scatter rainbow throughout your living space
2. Surround yourself with inspiring, motivating, encouraging, gorgeous babes in your very own Coven
3. Invest in some gemstones and crystals after researching their properties and what you need in your life
4. Walk barefoot outdoors.
5. Find a scent that makes your heart sing, and wear it every day.
6. Wear something every day that has a strong meaning to you like a necklace or ring.
7. Go somewhere just to people watch. Bring a notebook to write down your observations.
8. Keep a worry stone in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment to hold tight when you’re experiencing stress and anxiety.
9. Never stop playing, even if you’re an adult. Play keeps your soul young.
10. Travel to strange places just to visit for a moment. Check out Roadside America for unusual attractions near you.
11. Make a wish when you catch the clock at 11:11.
12. Try eating a new cuisine, or at least a new restaurant in your city, once a month for a year.
13. Drink water. A lot of water. Every single day.
14. Create new and/or full moon rituals.
15. Look into your astrological signs and find out more about where the stars and planets were when you entered this world. Read horoscopes for fun. Be aware of things like Mercury Retrograde and your Saturn Return.
16. Get a massage. Body, head, back, feet, whatever!
17. Make goal lists for yourself for each season, and work your best to cross them off. Give yourself purpose, build your self esteem.
18. Buy a salt lamp for your home to purify the air.
19. Keep a journal of quotes that you hear or come across that inspire you. Here’s one to start:
20. Do a guided meditation that specifically focuses on going through and drawing attention to points on your body.
21. Dress up for no reason, make yourself feel beautiful and powerful with bold lipstick, accessories, and your favorite pieces of clothing.
22. Try tapping (EFT) to create change in your life by stimulating your body’s pressure points.
23. Lay or sit outside at night and look at the stars. The farther away you are from the city for this, the better.
24. Attend a live performance of an art that speaks to you. It could be a rock concert, opera, poetry reading, or burlesque event.
25. Get yourself fresh flowers often to display in a vase and get a little bit of the outdoors inside.
26. Light incense or yummy smelling candles to stimulate your sense of smell and fill the room with good vibes.
27. Create a personalized altar. It doesn’t need to have a pentagram or a Buddha statue, it can be anything that’s important to you.
28. Pay attention to synchronicity. Are these really just coincidences?
29. Stretch your muscles every day.
30. Color in a mandala, or make one yourself!
31. Cover your dark under eye circles or roots in glitter.
32. Look into Feng Shui and see if there are any changes you can make in the arrangement of things in your home. What message is the front of your home or the placement of your trashcan sending to the universe?
33. Keep a journal of the dreams you have when you’re sleeping, and the ones you want to accomplish in your lifetime.
34. Smudge your house to shed negative energy.
35. Take a flower petal bath with Epsom salts.

100 Ways To Add Magic To Your Life | Uncustomary Art

36. Write a positive note to a stranger and leave it somewhere public, like inside a book in a bookstore, in a bathroom stall, or under a windshield wiper.
37. Blow bubbles. Use giant wands in a park or a to-go bottle from the passenger window of your best friend’s car.
38. Create a ritual that is special to you. Do it once a month or just once a year to reignite your passion.
39. Do something that’s worth photographing every single day.
40. Research powerful women.
41. Swim naked. Swim naked in the sea. Channel a mermaid.
42. Create a time capsule of your beautiful life as it truly is right now in this moment.
43. Hang a dream catcher above your bed.
44. Make a vision board to state an intention, manifest a dream, or work on a project.
45. Tell the people you love that you love them, in whatever way is the best for you. But make sure they know.
46. Substitute TV watching for music playing. See how much more you get done!
47. Fill a room up entirely with balloons.
48. Take the long way home.
49. Look into numerology, pay attention to numbers that make many reappearances in your life and find out what they mean.
50. Experiment with essential oils.
51. Turn your phone off for a couple hours every day. Designate specific times to check your e-mail. Don’t be a slave to communicative technology.
52. Practice meditation, even just five minutes a day to clear your mind and heighten your senses
53. Have someone take a color photo of your aura.
54. Make some art in whatever medium speaks to you, or one you haven’t tried just yet.
55. Take time to talk to interesting strangers, they might just teach you something.
56. Completely accept yourself for you who are and what your body looks like. Tell yourself you love yourself every single day.
57. Make a mandala out of flower petals.
58. Travel to a different country, and immerse yourself in their culture just for a few days.
59. Try yoga, or at least sun salutations.
60. Have orgasms multiple times a week.
61. Practice mindfulness. [12 Days Of Mindfulness]
62. Open up the windows in your house and let the fresh breeze take over you as you do chores, nap, or work.
63. Decorate anything that can be decorated. Get colorful plastic circles to make your keys more fun, spray paint your picture frames, and never miss the opportunity to slide something sparkly inside a clear plastic folder.
64. Join a drum circle, even if it’s just for an afternoon. The power of percussion will make you feel connected to people and the earth.
65. Have a friend burn sage and run it through the space around your body, around your aura to cleanse the energy.
66. Expand your vocabulary. Learn ten new words a week, and try to use them as much as you can so they become permanent parts of your vernacular.
67. Attend a burn like Playa Del Fuego or Burning Man. It will change your life.
68. Let glitter get everywhere. Rub it on your skin, layer it on your eye make-up, sprinkle it on your altar.
69. Get a professional tarot card reading or learn how to read tarot cards yourself.

100 Ways To Add Magic To Your Life | Uncustomary Art

70. Get a plant to take care of, or even start with a seed and watch it grow.
71. Start the day with sex before you’ve even brushed your teeth.
72. Change up your workspace every month so nothing gets dull and you’re continually inspired to create and be your best.
73. Say no to buying products that profit off of your insecurities. You don’t need diet pills, anti-aging cream, or spanks. You are already beautiful.
74. Try something outside your comfort zone for the experience, the story, and to push yourself.
75. Make your own pentacle and decorate it to match your personality.
76. Rotate your arms so your palms face the sky, and soak in the warmth of the sun that allows you to live on this beautiful planet.
77. Try Tiger Balm for pain, it’s a miracle worker!
78. Write positive affirmations, quotes, and notes to yourself and stick them up around your house! On the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror, or near where you grab your keys before you rush out the door.
79. Get a tattoo of something that means the world to you, so you have it with you forever.
80. Get a palm-reading, and learn what the different lines on your hands mean.
81. Collect sand and seashells from the beaches you visit.
82. Make time for creativity every day, and remember there’s never a reason to be bored.
83. Use something that you’ve been hoarding for a more special occasion. Today is great enough!
84. Spend time naked every day, more than just being in the shower. The longer you spend naked the more comfortable you become with your body.
85. Blow the puffy white seeds off a dandelion and make a wish.
86. Add confetti to the thank you notes you send in the mail.
87. Have a surreal photoshoot, capturing some eccentric, magical parts of you.
88. Spend as much time as you can with animals. Talk to them, sing to them, nap with them, connect with them. And if you get a chance to see the Acro-Cats, I recommend it.
89. Wear a unicorn mask in mundane places.
90. Light a candle as you say a blessing, wish, prayer, or intention
91. Keep a Happy Journal to remind yourself of all the good in your life.
92. Choose to stay outside in the rain. Take your shoes off and splash in puddles, forget your make-up, just get drenched and dance around.
93. Make a powerful playlist that inspires you. Or check out mine.
94. Ride in a convertible, open the sunroof, or just drive with the windows down. Sacrifice your hairdo for adventure.
95. Make your food look like animals or like they make up a face. Or just add edible googly eyes!
96. Take yourself on a date once every week. More info on how to date yourself.
97. Actually have a conversation on the phone with your friend. Not e-mail, not text, a phone call. Let it last an hour and sit on a bean bag chair like you’re a teenage in the 90’s.
98. Visit a botanical garden, art museum, or aquarium.
99. Celebrate unusual holidays. Every day is special.
100. Believe that you have the power to add magic to your life and change what you want to change.

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What do you think? Do you have anything to add to the list? I’d love to hear more options, and so would everyone else! Share your thoughts in the comments, or just tell me what number is your favorite!

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