Two of the biggest parts of who I am come from my past experiences and my sources of inspiration. Obviously, past experiences shape us into the person we currently are, but sometimes we forget about those external factors that encourage us to evolve.

Sometimes my inspiration comes from a giant bouquet of balloons, but more often it comes from seeing a person living their life with intention. Every person does this differently, and we can choose to pay attention to what applies to us. I’ve created another list of five women who inspire me, and all of them deal with different categories of (my) life. If I recognize what about these women inspires me, and apply it to myself, there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.

Marielle Coppes

Spreading kindness and joy is something I really resonate with, so it’s no wonder I’m consistently inspired by Marielle of Magical Day Dream. She is an extremely talented artist who has lived all over the world, spreading color wherever she goes. I’m impressed by her follow-through, gusto, and original ideas. The way she is able to work with so many mediums in an effective way is amazing! She also recently launched a kindness project, and I strongly recommend checking it out.


It’s difficult to unapologetically be yourself in the public eye, but Ke$ha sure does her best. Even though many people dislike her music and persona, I’m completely in love and empowered by her. Not only does she promote the use of glitter and perform in blinged out leotards, but she’s extremely smart. It was hard to believe how well-rounded she is after watching her mini series on MTV. She promotes finding your true self, and if that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

Lady Satan

Having the pleasure of actually meeting this woman was really wonderful. She and her friends showed me one of the best nights of my life, and I was really grateful to be in her presence after watching her burlesque performance. You might not imagine licking a hanger in a Joan Crawford inspired strip tease would be the hottest thing you’d see all night, but that’s just how amazing this woman is. She lives her life in a free way with a bit of an edge, and I love her for it.

Jess Day

Even though Jess is a fictional character, I feel extremely connected to her. I admire the way she does things the way that makes the most sense to her, even if it makes everyone around her feel awkward. She has that classic way of being extra gorgeous because she doesn’t know how beautiful she is. They say her character is strongly based on the actress Zooey Deschannel, but until I get to hang out with Zooey, I’m going to continue to be head over heels in love with Jessica Day. Here’s to colorful outfits and a strange type of sass.

Veronica Varlow

A true go-getter, Veronica has followed her dreams of creating her own movie, Revolver. But that was just in the past year! She has been building an impressive resume her whole life, performing sultry burlesque, acting, and writing. I look forward to the bits of her life she shares on her Danger Dame Diary in such an honest way. And even after coming so far, she’s still kind and appreciative to each and every one of her fans.

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What wonderful women make you want to live your life to the fullest?