Two of the biggest parts of who I am come from my past experiences and my sources of inspiration. Obviously, past experiences shape us into the person we currently are, but sometimes we forget about those external factors that encourage us to evolve.

Sometimes my inspiration comes from a giant bouquet of balloons, but more often it comes from seeing a person living their life with intention. Every person does this differently, and we can choose to pay attention to what applies to us. I’ve created a list of five women who inspire me, and all of them deal with different categories of (my) life. If I recognize what about these women inspires me, and apply it to myself, there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.

Katie Sokoler


If I am feeling down or upset, and I remember to go to Katie’s blog, there is a 100% chance that I will feel better. Going through the archives of her colorful projects will never get old. The enthusiasm she puts into having fun is uplifting. She not only creates beautiful art and environments for herself and her community, but she documents it in a beautiful way.

Keri Smith


There is an art in diving deeper, searching, and exploring, and Keri has mastered it. She recognizes the importance of observation and appreciation of small things, but more importantly, she shares her knowledge with others. Her worldview makes it easy to come up with activities and ideas that are fun, but that also teach you something in the process.

Gala Darling


We all know that self confidence is a good thing to have, but most of us would say it’s easier said than done. Gala provides so much help to anyone who follows her. She makes the doing part of self esteem easier to handle. I admire her ability to practice what she preaches, which, in a nutshell, is living fabulously. Through her genuine love for life, I feel inspired to live life in a way that’s fabulous for me.

Irene England

My grandmother died two years ago, but I still find inspiration in the way she lived. She was one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. She enjoyed the written word, whether it was reading any book she could get her hands on, sending letters to European penpals she had since grade school, or writing a thank you note to the gas station attendant. She was polite, but very passionate, and I hope to age with the same grace.

Lena Dunham


My obsession with Lena is the newest of the bunch. I admire her writing, work ethic, and confidence more than any other actor I can think of. I appreciate the attention she gives to detail and absurdity, and I love that she is always herself, without making any compromises. She’s a testament to the fact that if you believe in and are passionate about what you do, people will support and love you.

Who inspires you?

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