12 Days Of Mindfulness

Do you feel like you have a difficult time getting grounded and enjoying the present? How can you work on living in the moment? I’ve released an e-mail subscription with activities, prompts, and resources that will get you on the right track!

12 Days Of Mindfulness

For $8, you will get a total of fifteen e-mails and twelve prompts delivered straight to your inbox on a daily schedule. You have the option of completing the tasks as they come in, or saving them for when you’re ready.

My goal for you is that you will be more conscious, aware, and present of your own thoughts and surroundings after these two weeks of exercises. Ready to get started?

Check out here. And be sure to include the e-mail you want the subscription sent to and at least your first name.


“Uncustomary Art’s 12 Days of Mindfulness was a wonderful, very grounding set of exercises. For me, staying present in the moment can be a real challenge. My work is entirely interrupt-driven, and by the time I get home some days my concentration is shattered. Mary’s exercises helped me calm down, gain focus, and were very fun to do. I don’t want to spoil anything, because the surprise factor was part of the joy, but the exercises were creative and original. Some of them even made me feel like by doing them I was helping make the world a little bit better – a truly unexpected bonus.” – Kim (Colorado)