I honestly can’t imagine someone being chronically bored in this day and age… there’s just so much to do! I know that sometimes boredom it just hits us. So in an effort to prevent boredom as much as possible, today I’m sharing a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored.

  1. Test out display mattresses
  2. Decorate a bus stop shelter
  3. Alphabetize your book, movie, or record collection
  4. Buy yourself some new office supplies
  5. Build a time capsule to open in five years
  6. Call a friend and talk for no less than one hour
  7. Start painting or drawing – it’s beneficial for your health!
  8. Make a fortune teller out of paper
  9. Write a list of things that you’ve done in the past year
  10. Play a drinking game while watching a Disney movie
  11. Plan a road trip and map out places to stop along the way
  12. Research the life of a strange celebrity, like Lisa Frank
  13. Stretch your muscles for thirty minutes
  14. Make an online dating profile
  15. Hold a meeting at an office supply store
  16. Drive around until you have seen fifteen dogs on walks
  17. Read a story book out loud to your pet
  18. Cover one of your walls in decorative washi tape
  19. Have a contest to see who can get the most things at Walmart for $5
  20. Hold a bubble gun while you bike around a neighborhood
  21. Make a s’more (and then some more…)
  22. Run through a sprinkler
  23. Make a list of everyone you’ve ever kissed
  24. Play with bleach on photos for interesting effects
  25. Read Katie Sokoler’s blog archives
  26. Conduct eye exams on strangers
  27. Figure out how many goats you’d be worth
  28. Take a nap facing the “wrong” way on your bed
  29. Videotape an epic montage
  30. Live tweet a very old movie as you watch it on DVD
  31. Write three minutes worth of stand-up comedy material
  32. Count how many rings a tree stump has
  33. Play True American
  34. Buy a homeless person a meal
  35. Memorize all the cheers from the first Bring It On movie
  36. Make an objective pros and cons list of having children
  37. Read all the Terms Of Service
  38. Schedule a cake testing, even if you’re not getting married
  39. Sneak in somewhere as part of another group
  40. Learn how to juggle
  41. Watch a movie with subtitles
  42. Learn how to tendu in all five ballet positions
  43. Make up a secret handshake
  44. Pretend you’re Beyoncé for six straight hours
  45. Recreate a famous movie scene
  46. Read twenty entries on Urban Dictionary
  47. Write your own epitaph
  48. Find a bidet and use it
  49. Sign up for an improv comedy class
  50. Play sleepover games like Light As A Feather or Truth Or Dare
  51. Put a crazy color highlight in your hair
  52. Go to the highest floor of the tallest building in your city
  53. Try to name all fifty US states (bonus points for capitals)
  54. Eat a jar of baby food
  55. Find out everything that’s open 24 hours within a ten mile radius
  56. Organize your fridge or pantry by color
  57. Take an extremely strange selfie
  58. Make your own sushi
  59. Try horsemaning with a friend
  60. Dance with strangers in public places
  61. Style your hair like Pippi Longstocking
  62. Make jewelry out of office supplies
  63. Do one of those stupid YouTube challenges
  64. Donate all of your old electronics and cartridges
  65. Research the history of another country in depth
  66. Get a picture of yourself blown up into a cardboard photo cutout
  67. Listen to all The Lonely Island songs in a row
  68. Figure out how to explain the plot of Donnie Darko to someone who has never seen it
  69. Jump in a fountain
  70. Learn how to play the guitar
  71. Get a pedicure
  72. Celebrate whatever strange holiday today is
  73. Get a caricature done of yourself
  74. Dance on top of bubble wrap
  75. Make a zine
  76. Fill up a disposable camera
  77. Come up with your life story in six words
  78. Visit a garden
  79. Make a blackout poem
  80. Start a Wreck This Journal
  81. Go to a museum, but just for the gift shop
  82. Find out how many grapes you can hold in your mouth at once
  83. Write fan fiction
  84. Offer your help to someone who is overwhelmed
  85. Release a balloon into the sky
  86. Make a playlist of songs you only listened to in high school
  87. Wear a name tag that says something other than your name
  88. Send an envelope full of confetti to your best friend
  89. Plan an elaborate scavenger hunt based on correctly answering riddles
  90. Clean the thing in your house that you really hate cleaning
  91. Have a photoshoot where you finally make overalls sexy
  92. Make a friendship award for someone you love
  93. See how many shirts you can wear at the same time
  94. Get a slinky to go all the way down the stairs without stopping
  95. Wear camouflage from head to toe and ask people if they can see you
  96. Spend a day at the ocean fishing
  97. Sing your heart out in the shower to “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”
  98. Figure out how to fold a fitted bed sheet
  99. Hang out at IKEA
  100. Make a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored

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