One of my goals for 2012 was to make a blackout poem.A blackout poem is basically when you take pre-printed text from a book or newspaper and you scratch out all of the words you

don’t want with a black marker. What you’re left with is what you want to say, a poem of sorts.Yesterday I asked my dad (who works at the library) to select any random fiction novel, open it up, and photocopy one of the pages. He did and later that night I took a Sharpie to it. I have no idea what book it’s from, but the actual text had something about Dr. Phil and murder on the same page, so… haha. But I feel okay about what I came up with. It was kind of fun and definitely a thoughtful process.

Have you ever made one? Seen one? Would you try it?


The golden years lacked in grace. I saw you here tonight.