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My Top 5 Lists Of 2019


+ TV Interview on WJZ about me and what I do
+ The big, strict boundaries I created for friends, family, romance, living arrangements, self-care, events, my job, my generosity, etc.
+ Handling and surviving the most difficult adult year of my life
+ Talked to SARK, had her follow me on Instagram, and had her call my spirit “incandescent”
+ Published my first planner

Music Artists

+ Red City Radio
+ Teenage Bottle Rocket
+ The Pica Beats
+ Billie Eilish
+ Young The Giant


+ “Show Me On The Doll Where The Music Touched You” – Red City Radio
+ “Ice Cream & Sunscreen” – Martha
+ “Sex & Drugs” – A Giant Dog
+ “Green Light” – Lorde
+ “It’s Time To Come Home” – The Rentals

TV Shows

+ Letterkenny
+ The Drew Carey Show
+ Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
+ It’s Always Sunny (Season 14)
+ You’re The Worst (Season 5)


+ Between Two Ferns
+ Zombieland 2
+ Arthur
+ Eat Pray Love
+ End Game


+ Kusama: Infinity
+ The Bill Murray Stories
+ Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind
+ The World According To Jeff Goldblum
+ Rats

Stand Up Specials

+ Jenny Slate – Stage Fright
+ Amy Schumer – Growing
+ Iliza Schlesinger – Unveiled
+ Seth Meyers – Lobby Baby
+ Ken Jeong – You Complete Me, Ho


+ Inner Witch – Gabby Herstik
+ Bodacious Book Of Succulence – SARK
+ You Are A Badass Every Day – Jen Sincero
+ Super Attractor – Gabrielle Bernstein
+ Side Hustle – Chris Guillebeau

New Experiences

+ Rock Balancing
+ Dyeing Yarn
+ Plus Size Clothing Swap
+ Fireworks Store
+ Being An Extra In A Music Video

Events I Attended

+ Light City
+ 29 Rooms
+ Christmas Village
+ Creative Mornings
+ No Pants Subway Ride

Projects I Made

+ Bubble Parade (5th Annual)
+ Real Cat Walk Baltimore
+ Supersonic Self-Love Video Series
+ Moon Group Gatherings
+ Uncustomary Babes Membership Group


+ Google Home/Nest
+ Vortex Membership
+ CBD Chapstick
+ Yeti Microphone
+ Cloud Lava Lamp

Small Moments

+ Sat in a lawn full of pinwheels as Bug spirit flew threw them
+ Hearing a kid outside say he was going to refill our sidewalk chalk bin, then refilling it before he got back, and him exclaiming it was magic
+ Seeing Joe hold a baby goat for the first time
+ Snuggling in a display bed
+ Taking off my clothes to swim in a river

Gifts I Received

+ Plane ticket from Maura
+ Our Love Story book from Joe
+ Advent Calendar from Janice
+ Giant Dragon on my porch when Bug died from Janice
+ Everyone who contributing to help me pay my bills through donations and loans when I was in a tough spot this year

External Discoveries

+ Alpha Stimulator Machine
+ The Postcard Store still exists
+ CBD in general
+ Creative Labs
+ Dimitri Reeves

Self Discoveries

+ Ducks are so hot right now
+ I am not an asshole for creating boundaries, people are assholes for crossing them when they know they exist
+ I don’t want to be this stagnant ever again and I need to create more and make more money
+ I am allowed to mourn people I cut out, but I would like to communicate what is wrong first before I ghost
+ Life is short and talk is cheap, so spend time with the people you care about while you can

Ready to see my video compilation from 2019? It’s to the song “Don’t Stop Making It Happen” by Grouplove. I had a hard time finding a song that I adored this year that was upbeat enough for the video and had lyrics that matched how I felt about this year, but this was one of my favorite songs to listen to this year, so here we go!

Full List Of My 2019 Accomplishments

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