One of my favorite parts of self-love is not only embracing, but celebrating our inner weird… and also celebrating the weird in others! The weird in me is different than the weird in you. The normal in my group of friends might be weird to yours, and vice versa. Everything is relative with weirdness, but it’s usually just stuff that’s rare or we don’t understand well. My favorite definition of weird is the thing(s) that makes you unique and special. The thing that people will definitely not forget about you after they meet you. What’s your weird? Let’s throw it a party!

Speaking of celebrating, September 9th is a beautiful unusual holiday: Wonderful Weirdos Day! It’s all about what I’m talking about here. To specifically commemorate this yearly occasion (that should be observed daily!), I made you a list of 50 ideas for ways to be weird. Remember this is just some random inspiration of things that you might want to experiment with. If something doesn’t call to your spirit, skip it. That obviously goes for everything on this site and in life in general, but being weird isn’t about forcing it. This list is simply just something where you might be like, “Oh my glitter, that’s totally something I would love to do!” And let’s be real, if it’s on this list, it’s probably a bit weird. 😉 But weird is wonderful, and I love you for it. That said, if you do anything on this list, I’d love to see it! Report back!

50 Ways To Be Weird | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Be Weird

1. Wear a bald cap and a then a toupée on top of it
2. Carry like 20 “scopes” from the beach on your keychain
3. Take a mime class
4. Make your voicemail your making whale or banana sounds, or just coughing a whole bunch
5. Post pictures of your pet on flyers that say “Just Bragging” to post around town
6. Carry confetti in your pockets and throw it as you make dramatic statements or exits
7. Do some “Liquid Pranks” where it looks like you’re drinking Windex, but it’s really just Blue Gatorade, etc.
8. Cover the inside of your car in Bubble Wrap… you know, for protection
9. Measure the distance of things in bananas, the length of time in Ke$ha songs, the height of people in apples…
10. Pose as a mannequin in a store window
11. Only use outdated slang; are we cowabunga on this?
12. Organize a flash mob
13. Only wear one color head to toe for a whole week (or longer)
14. Cover your skin in temporary tattoos
15. Send birthday cards to people that don’t make sense (like “Happy Birthday Grand-Niece” to your best friend’s new boyfriend)
16. Insist on sitting in the backseat when it’s just you and your friend in the car and they’re driving
17. Have your aura photographed
18. Keep an old school photo fold out in your wallet full of pictures of just your pet and show people every time you see them
19. Pretend your famous, in fact, insist upon it
20. Order diet water
21. Put your condiments in a soap dispenser (the kind with a pump)
22. Carry around an unnecessary accessory, like a plastic pipe from the Halloween store
23. Wear a yellow shirt that says “LIFE” and hand out lemons to people
24. Pick a few words that you will, from now on, always say in an accent
25. Turn your car into an art car

50 Ways To Be Weird | Uncustomary

26. Send Rashida Jones a mail art postcard every week for a year
27. Learn to walk on stilts
28. Dress in Victorian costumes and walk around the city
29. Start wearing horse-riding pants, snow-pants, or something else really specific all the time, without changing the rest of your outfit/wardrobe at all
30. Hold up signs on the side of the road
31. Rake your leaves into piles according to color and then label them with signs without bagging them as a public display
32. Shave your legs, then draw on little black lines all over your skin to make pretend hair (think Bob’s Burgers)
33. Don’t wear pants on the Subway on a particular January every year
34. Refer to Cheerios as “Donut Seeds”
35. Stop using your cell phone or social media at all
36. High five strangers
37. Get a past life regression session
38. Show up to every party literally covered in bells
39. Hold a tea party, but with life-size cut-outs of celebrities instead of your friends or like… live people
40. Insist that all blue dresses are gold and all gold dresses are blue
41. Learn to eat fire
42. Put googly eyes on everything inside your refrigerator
43. Freeze in place when you’re just walking around town
44. Pay for things with $2 bills
45. Go through all your friends’ most recent Facebook statuses at 2 AM and comment, “In this economy?”, no matter what they posted
46. Garden naked… or really just do any hobby naked from now on
47. Frame a(n unsigned) DVD of “Mystery Men” and hang it on your wall as a focal art centerpiece; point to it as a big deal when people come over
48. Ask strangers if they’d like fresh ground pepper; if they say yes, say, “Me too”
49. Pretend you’re Little Edie from “Grey Gardens” for a day (I don’t recommend doing this for longer than a 24-hour period for your own mental health) 😉
50. Dress up like a 90’s Troll Doll and hang out on a bridge; make people dance with you before they are allowed to pass

What are other ways you love to be weird?

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Photos by: Maura Housley