Recently, I posted about the Liquid Pranksย I did based on the Hilarious To Do List that I’m sure you’ve seen circulating around the internet for years. But that wasn’t the end! I also went out and bought a couple bags of lemons, and made a shirt that said “LIFE”. I think you can see where this is going…

I stood outside the Annapolis Mall and handed out lemons to people coming and going as a performance art piece. Some people got it immediately, some people just wanted a lemon, and some people didn’t understand what I was doing even after I said “When Life gives you lemons…”

Regardless of their opinions, seeing reactions was the best part! I heard a lot of funny comments like “Sure! We use lemons all the time.”

This guy didn’t want to take a lemon at first, but I wore him down. I told him that you’re supposed seize opportunities, and this is his message from Life. “I am Life. And I am giving you a lemon. Take it.”

The reaction of this couple is similar to many looks I received. But my favorite part about this picture is the lady in the background. She was walking in and laughing at what I was doing. She yelled “I already have too many lemons!”

This guy was funny. He hung around and talked with Allison and I for a while.

This guy got itย immediately. He walked up to me with a wide smile and said “I’M GONNA GO MAKE LEMONADE!”

Here’s some video footage of the experience! Thanks so much to Allison for hanging out with me to document it!

Would you take a lemon from a stranger wearing a LIFE shirt?