World Naked Gardening Day | Uncustomary

The first Saturday of every May, one of the more fabulous unusual holidays rolls around: World Naked Gardening Day. It honestly makes you think, why have I been gardening clothed the rest of the year?

There are so many ways to garden. You can keep beds of flowers or grow herbs or vegetables in your backyard or a community space. You can even do some guerrilla gardening where you plant things in unsuspecting places, like under sewer grates, or in weird containers that you gift to the streets. You can also look up the recipe for “seed bombs” where you can easily drop a clump of pre-made, ready-to-grow plants or flowers that are just waiting for sunshine and water to sprout in the world.

World Naked Gardening Day | Uncustomary

Other Ideas For Celebrating World Naked Gardening Day:

  • Can you get naked and hold a flower or plant?
  • Can you strip down and draw a flower or wear nothing but a flower crown?
  • Can you make flower shaped pasties for your nipples?
  • Can you wear your birthday suit and plant (pun intended) your butt in paint and then make a flower by sitting on a poster board then cut it up and send them in the mail as postcards?
  • Can you celebrate nature naked every day of the year or whenever you want instead of just the first Saturday of every May?

I mean, the answer is like probably.

World Naked Gardening Day | Uncustomary

This isn’t a lesson on gardening, though. You can always check out recipes for guerrilla gardening installations (like moss graffiti you can spray on walls to grow out in patterns or words!), but sometimes there’s nothing sweeter than just growing a few gorgeous plants and flowers in your backyard. And today I want to advocate that you do that naked. In the name of unusual holidays, celebration, weirdness, and body positivity. Enjoy!

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Photos: Maura Housley