I was long overdue to answer your questions in a Q&A video! Thank you so much for your questions, in this video I’m answering the following:

  • “What’s an average day like for Uncustomary?”
  • “Why is using the word ‘feminist’ important to you? I’m a feminist myself, but I see a lot of people arguing that the word is ‘too aggressive’, so I’d love to see you talk about that.”
  • “I’ve just started dressing to flatter my shape. After years of wearing baggy clothes to hide my size I feel like I’m doing something wrong. How do I feel more comfortable?”
  • “What is your opinion on drugs and drugs regulation?”
  • “Did therapy work out for you? (I’m currently following cognitive based therapy and its one of hardest things I’ve done.)”
  • “Any ideas how I can help make a stranger’s day better without being too creepy?”
  • “How do you love your body? I am heavy and flabby and wish I could erase the brainwashing about what is ‘normal’.”
  • “How do you deal with a mother who is always critical and never says anything positive to you (I’m in my 50″s and it’s always been this way.. can you tell I have mother issues? I want her approval but I’m sure I’ll never get it and it hurts) I have I do things with…. I’ll go any where with her even if it’s ‘not my thing’.. but she never does something I want to do if she doesn’t like it.”