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Self-esteem is the feelings of confidence we have in our own abilities and worth, and they’re more likely to come from external forces than within. For example, your self-esteem can be more easily damaged by another person’s negative comment about you. Many people grow up with constant criticism, bullying, judgment, and trauma that has programmed them to have low levels of self-esteem. Low self-esteem holds you back in every single area of life. You’re less likely to find a partner, get a promotion, and generally be happy. If you don’t feel like your self-esteem is high — like through the roof high — then you need to spend some time working on it. You deserve to think highly of yourself, and you deserve to have that self-esteem reserve built up like the tallest bunker ever so no one’s mean judgment about you will ever make it over to affect you.

50 Ways To Boost Self-Esteem

1. Make a list of your strengths
2. Ask for constructive criticism and smile, knowing you don’t have to change
3. Invite/meet-up with like-minded people
4. Have good hygiene
5. Start a new hobby your immerse yourself in a current one
6. Clean your living and creating spaces
7. Speak positively to yourself
8. Speak assertively to your inner critic
9. Go on dates/outings by yourself
10. Delete people on social media who you compare yourself to
11. Read more self-help/inspirational books
12. Keep a Happy Journal
13. Set goals to achieve; start very small
14. Do something you’ve been procrastinating on
15. Make a list of compliments you’re given
16. Be kind to others
17. Eat healthier
18. Get all dressed up, even if it’s just to stay in
19. Stop reading tabloids and (celebrity) gossip
20. Write down negative things people have said and burn them
21. Keep an ongoing list of accomplishments
22. Reward yourself
23. Stick to your morals and values
24. Make a list of the body parts you love
25. Ask your friends what they like about you


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50 Ways To Boost Self-Esteem | Uncustomary

26. Write positive affirmations on Sticky Notes and post them all over your house
27. Dance in public
28. Make a list of activities that make you feel good (and do them as often as possible)
29. Have good posture, both sitting and standing
30. Exercise/get active
31. Throw a fabulous party
32. Help someone with their problem
33. Buy clothes that fit you, even if you’re changing weight
34. Try waking up earlier to accomplish more
35. Toot your own horn, make your skills known
36. Get in touch with your personal sense of spirituality
37. Wear an outfit that doesn’t “flatter” your “problem areas”
38. Go to therapy and explore your feelings (find free counseling)
39. Reveal a secret (of yours) to release some tension
40. Practice the law of attraction to draw in more good
41. Tell people who say rude things to you that you don’t deserve to be treated that way
42. Take a break from what you’re doing and say out loud, “I AM AWESOME!”
43. Keep an eye out for patterns that lead up to the point where you start doubting yourself and figure out how to break them down and/or avoid them
44. Help a stranger without expectation of praise
45. Look at mistakes and failures with kindness, and be able to forgive yourself
46. Try something completely new that doesn’t seem like you’d easily excel at in the beginning, but work your way through to success
47. Ask yourself why ALL the time, “Why do I think that way about myself?” or “Why am I bothering with doing this?”; You always need to know your WHY
48. Do life hacks or anything that takes the pressure off you, saves you time, and makes your life a little bit easier
49. Create an environment where you don’t feel like you constantly need to debate about what you want or feel is right (not that good discussion and debate can’t be healthy or important), but instead surround yourself with situations and people who have a lot in common with your state of mind
50. Speak up, even when you weren’t asked specifically for your opinion

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