Sneaky Cards: Play It Forward | Uncustomary

An anonymous person sent me a package of cards in the mail called “Sneaky Cards“. The cards are amazing. It’s basically a deck with a few different categories, each card with a unique missionย on it. The idea is you carry out the mission, get to interact with a new person and have a fun experience, and then you pass the card along to them. The cards are able to be registered online, so you can track their progress and geographical position. The entire thing is brilliant. They’re basically ways to be kind with people and interact with your environment in a helpful, creative, and unique way.

I haven’t started with the missionsย yet, because I wanted to share the project with you first. I think it would be amazing if you got a deck for yourself, but I’m going to be documenting my experiences with this deck on my blog. Every new challenge I do, I’ll report back to you and give you the card numbers so you can track them if you want! If you decide to do any assignment, feel free to e-mail me or comment on one of the blog posts to share your experiences.

For the purpose of documentation, I’m going to list the challenges below and link to them as I complete them. Kind of like my Bucket List! I’ve registered my deck on, and I’ll be able to get notifications for anyone who registers one of my cards online. My goal is to do at least half of one challenge all at once, so when I talk about this again, it’s likely I’ll have completed an entire section and we can watch the results together!

Ready to go on some sneaky missions with me??

Sneaky Cards: Play It Forward | Uncustomary


Red Objective: Connect

  • Open a dictionary to a random page and write down the first word you see. The next time you hear someone say your word, hand them this card.
  • Write a month and day in the space below. Give this card to someone you do not directly know whose birthday is on that date.
  • Give this card to someone who shares your middle name.
  • Give this card to someone who makes you smile.
  • Give this card to someone wearing the last item on the list. (Add something to the list before you pass it on.)
  • Give this card to someone dressed as a superhero.
  • Give this card to someone who fits the description you write below.
  • Give this card to someone who can help get it hand delivered to (living celebrity).
  • Give this card to your doppleganger.

Yellow Objective: Surprise

  • Hide this card somewhere it can easily be found.
  • Hide this card near the foot of a famous statue or landmark.
  • Leave this card on the seat of a bus, plane, or train.
  • Leave this card in a different state or region.
  • Slip this card into someone’s locker.
  • Post this card on a community bulletin board.
  • Slip this card into a pocket at a clothing store.
  • Give this card to somebody without them knowing.
  • Slip this card into your favorite book at a library.

Purple Objective: Grow

  • Try a new food, give this card to someone near you at the time you try it.
  • Go screen free for 24 hours, give this card to the first person you meet after emerging.
  • Sit in on a new class, give this card to someone you meet at the class.
  • Memorize a poem and recite it someone, then give them this card.
  • Find a new favorite song and write it below, then pass this card to someone else.
  • Volunteer for an organization you’ve never helped before, give this card to someone you meet there.
  • Learn to say the phrase, “Please accept this card and then pass it along” in a foreign language you don’t already know. When you find someone who speaks that language, recite the phrase and give them this card.
  • Decipher the following code and do what it says.
  • Use only your non-dominant hand for a day, give this card (with your non-dominant hand) to the first person you see at the end of the day.

Blue Objective: Engage

  • Take a selfie with a stranger, hand them this card.
  • During conversation say “meow” instead of “now”. If you say it 5 times during a single conversation, give this card to the person you’re talking to.
  • Defeat someone in a duel, give your opponent this card.
  • Play the world’s largest game of tag; tap someone, tell them they’re “it”, then give them this card.
  • Get this card signed by a celebrity, then pass it to someone else.
  • Bring a board game to a cafe, give this card to the first person who plays with you.
  • Lie down in a public place until someone checks on you. When they do, give them this card.
  • Make a speech in an elevator with more than three people you don’t know. Give this card to the last person to stay in the elevator with you.
  • Start the wave in a food court or cafeteria, give this card to someone who joined in.

Green Objective: Care

  • Give the last item on this list to somebody along with this card, add another item to the list before you hand it over ($5 limit).
  • Buy someone a coffee and give them this card.
  • Hold the door open for 10 consecutive people, hand this card to the tenth person to walk through the door.
  • Pre-pay for an item at a vending machine and leave this card in the payment slot for the recipient to claim.
  • Pay for someone’s bus or subway far or car toll, give this to the cashier and ask them to pass it to the next person.
  • Return a lost item to its owner and give them this card.
  • Let someone get in front of you in line, then hand them this card.
  • Bake something for a friend and give them this card.
  • Leave a generous tip along with this card.

Pink Objective: Create

  • Invent a new handshake, teach it to someone you meet and give them this card.
  • Add an element in the space below and pass the card to someone else for a collaborative doodle.
  • Write a haiku on a piece of paper and give it to someone along with this card.
  • Make a handmade greeting card for an obscure holiday and give it someone along with this card inside.
  • Make an origami animal and give it to someone along with this card.
  • Invent a new word or phrase and write it below with its definition. Use it in conversation with someone, then give them this card.
  • Cook a new recipe and share it with someone else, along with this card.
  • Transform a used object into art or something useful. Give your creation to someone, along with this card.
  • Design a new Sneaky Card and pass it along to someone else.

What do you think of this game? What category and/or mission is your favorite?