Living life in a celebratory way is something that is very important to me. I’ve made a list of ways you can do so, and I’d love it if you shared additional suggestions in the comments!

100 Ways To Celebrate Life

  1. Bring mini umbrellas for your beverages
  2. Call your boobs party hats
  3. Wear headphones so your life’s soundtrack is on your terms
  4. Climb on sculptures, like those red balls outside Target
  5. Treat yourself to new stationery/office supplies (never underestimate the power of a blank page)
  6. Write down your dreams, both sleeping and not
  7. Take care of the environment so our Earth is still good for future generations to celebrate in
  8. Traipse through fields, meadows, and gardens
  9. Take time to look up
  10. Order pineapple fried rice that comes in a carved out pineapple
  11. Cheer out loud when you drive through new counties/state lines
  12. Eat dessert first
  13. Leave twinkle light and decorations up year round
  14. Make up a secret handshake with your best friend
  15. Make and laugh at “childish jokes” (those ridiculous and inappropriate ones, too)
  16. Participate in piggy back rides
  17. Put olives, berries, etc. on your fingers to pretend you’re an alien
  18. Never ever apologize for your lifestyle or interests (even “guilty pleasures”)
  19. Make a time capsule to commemorate your life right now
  20. Dance around a bonfire
  21. Smile, ask “How are you?” and say “Have a nice day” to all cashiers, toll booth operators, etc.
  22. Participate in a drum circle
  23. Use novelty items as if they’re basic and practical
  24. Make wishes at 11:11
  25. Write positive messages on car windows with window markers
  26. Don’t save “special things” for later
  27. Keep an emergency kit in your car or purse (confetti, googly eyes, etc.)
  28. Roll down hills
  29. Do cheese dance moves in clubs (shopping cart, lawnmower, etc.)
  30. Surprise loved ones with gifts
  31. Say yes to new experiences
  32. Be so in love with your life that there’s no time for jealousy
  33. Plant flowers in bleak places
  34. Stop judging others
  35. Make a bucket list and never stop adding to it
  36. Ask “Why not?” when someone asks you “Why?”
  37. Give yourself orgasms often
  38. Compliment strangers, but only if you mean it
  39. Act out silent movies/mime/do physical comedy in front of security cameras
  40. Treat mental health as importantly as you do physical health
  41. Limit your time looking at screens every day
  42. Motion for tractor trailers to honk their horn as you pass them on the highway
  43. Visit as many places and cultures as possible
  44. Fight for equal rights for all
  45. Know that you are sexy
  46. Try something that’s been deep fried that sounds disgusting
  47. Leave miserable situations
  48. Use every space as a dance floor
  49. Sing in the shower, while driving, and cooking
  50. Jump in puddles and piles of leaves
  51. Put glitter in beards
  52. Engage in food fights
  53. Take toys in the bathtub
  54. Look at activities/chores as “I get to” versus “I have to”/”I need to”
  55. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful
  56. Accept how other people choose to live
  57. Say yes to free food; it tastes better
  58. Don’t save costumes for October
  59. Have naked time separate from showering
  60. Give funny names for your food and drink orders
  61. Make up absurd abbreviations
  62. Pet and talk to animals (with permission)
  63. Take pride in your living space
  64. Document the good things in your life in a Happy Journal
  65. Embrace silliness
  66. Marvel at today’s technology
  67. Wear breakaway pants (and then break-em-away)
  68. Visit playgrounds at night
  69. Be kind to strangers everyone
  70. Take a step back and appreciate your ability to do things instead of complaining about small frustrations (“I’m on a flying steel bird!” vs. “Ugh, I hate airplane food”)
  71. Swim in fountains
  72. Take advantage of ice cream trucks
  73. Make out in weird places
  74. Wear crowns made out of flowers
  75. Visit natural wonders
  76. Write notes in any lunches you pack for someone else
  77. Sincerely listen to the stories of elders
  78. Wear your seat belt
  79. Know it’s okay to go to the gift shop first
  80. Make the most of your commute and general waiting time
  81. Get laid wearing a lei
  82. Keep good memories alive
  83. Never not do something because you’re “too old”
  84. Blow bubbles, both gum and soap
  85. Hang up your own art on the fridge
  86. Don’t give into guilt or peer pressure
  87. Remind yourself and others of the beauty in this world
  88. Support your heroes and passions
  89. Believe in magic
  90. Be honest with the people you care about
  91. Color coordinate your heart out
  92. Allow yourself time to rest
  93. Bring your own fancy dishware/napkins to restaurants
  94. Don’t wait till people die to tell them how wonderful they are
  95. Reward yourself for a job well done, and play in the casino, it will give you a lot of cool emotions, you can relax with us
  96. When you smell something delicious, stop what you’re doing and inhale with your whole body
  97. Practice self love
  98. Watch sunrises and sunsets
  99. Jump up and down and squeal for joy
  100. Never wait for an invitation to party

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