It’s been way too long since I did an Instagram challenge, so I’d like to give you prompts for all of September (all self-love themed, of course)! It’s super easy. Just read the prompt for each day and interpret however you wish, then post to Instagram and include the hashtag #UncustomaryLove in your caption so we can all follow along! Since they’re all self-love themed, they’re also really challenges/activities for you to do to further your self-care and personal development! Win win!

I’ll be choosing my favorites for each prompt and doing a round-up at the end of the challenge. My favorite overall photo will receive a surprise package in the mail!

September Self-Love Instagram Challenge | Uncustomary

You can download the image and/or post it on your Instagram to start the challenge off, but below I’ve written out the prompts in more detail for a better explanation and more inspiration. Let me know if you have any questions!

September 1 – Random Acts Of Kindness

Today is Random Acts Of Kindness Day, so let’s start this month off with a bang by doing something nice for someone else. It can be a stranger, your friend, your roommate, whoever. If you need ideas, check out these 103 ideas.

September 2 – Sunrise/Sunset

Make time today to wake up early or schedule time towards the end of the day to relax and watch the sun set. Sink into the beauty of nature and watch that glorious star in the sky take part in it’s 24-hour ritual that keeps us alive. Commemorate it with a picture!

September 3 – Cuddle With A Pet/Person

Release that Oxytocin hormone (love hormone!) by cuddling up with someone wonderful whether it’s a furry pet, your favorite person, or a snuggly stuffed animal.

September 4 – Pampering/Bubble Bath

Ideally I encourage you to take a bath today, and here are 50 ways to make a bath more special. But if you don’t have access to a tub, take today to do some sort of pampering (idea include pedicure, manicure, body scrub, hair mask, shower bomb, etc).

September 5 – Journaling

Today it’s time to do some writing! It can be in any format you prefer, the idea is just to get something down on paper. If you need some inspiration for what to write, I have 50 Self-Love Writing Prompts as well as 100 additional writing prompts available for you.

September 6 – Dance Party

I’d really love it if you recorded yourself dancing today. It can be of your whole body, or just your face or feet. Be inspired by the #donthatetheshake videos on Instagram in the body positive community. But feel free to get creative if you’re not comfortable sharing video of you dancing just yet.

September 7 – Oracle/Tarot Card

Do you have any affirmation/oracle/Tarot decks? Time to draw a card! If you don’t, download a free Tarot app and let the simulator draw a card for you and post a screenshot of which card you got. Don’t forget to research what it means!

September 8 – Solo Date

Today’s a Saturday, so it’s time to take yourself out for a Solo Date. If you don’t know how to do that, here are some tips and here are 50 ideas of ways to take yourself on a solo date.

September 9 – Wonderful Weirdos (Day)

Happy Wonderful Weirdos Day! It’s a great time to show us what exactly makes you UNIQUE.

September 10 – Bucket List

Time to cross something off that old Bucket List of yours! Or simply share what’s on your Bucket List! Check out mine here.

September 11 – Support System

Who is super important in your life who constantly builds you up and helps you in your times of need? Lets shine focus on them today! Post a picture of your best friend, your family members, whoever! And tell us why you love them so much. (Tag them in it so they see your kind words.)

September 12 – Gratitude

What are you grateful for? Try to make a list of at least ten things!

September 13 – Hot Selfie

Take a steaming hot sensual selfie! Turn that camera mode around to face your beautiful face and do whatever you need to do to feel sexy and let’s get things going. What feels sexy to you? Do that! I can’t wait to see.

September 14 – Relaxation

Ahh, time to relax! What’s your favorite way to wind down? Need some ideas? Here’s 50 ways to relax.

September 15 – Eat An Apple (Day)

What a great unusual holiday! An apple a day might not necessarily keep the doctor away, but eating an apple today is certainly a great reminder to incorporate healthy foods into our nutritious diets! So have an apple! What’s your favorite kind?

September 16 – Favorite Color

Your favorite color says a lot about you. Do some research on color psychology and find out if any traits about your favorite color match up with your personality!

September 17 – Meditating

One of the best tools at your disposal that costs you $0 is meditation. You can do it for just five minutes a day and see incredible results, it’s insane! If you’re an Uncustomary Babe, you have access to some meditation resources I make for you. If you’re not an Uncustomary Babe member yet, join here, or search on YouTube for a meditation!

September 18 – Self-Help Book

Start reading a self-help book! It can be one you already read, one you own but haven’t picked up yet, or you can go to the book store or library to pick out a new one! If you want to check out mine, you can get it here.

September 19 – Jump For Joy

Set the timer on your camera or get a friend to capture you jumping in the air and in the caption let us know what you’re joyful for!

September 20 – #TBT (Split Screen Of Unhappy/Happy)

This is a tough one, and if it’s triggering for you I understand if you want to skip it. The idea is to find a picture of you when you were unhappy and split screen it with a picture of you now or at a time when you were happy, and then in the caption to write what the differences are (not necessarily physically, but mentally/what you were doing at the time) and how you’ve learned from both experiences in your life.

September 21 – Day Of Peace

Today is the International Day Of Peace and I simply ask you what brings you peace? If you want to bring peace to the world, here are 50 ideas to promote peace.

September 22 – Autumn/Spring

Happy Autumn (or Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)! What are you most looking forward to this season? Here is the Autumn Bucket List and the Spring Bucket List.

September 23 – Love Note Day

Happy Love Note Day! It’s time for you to sit down and write a love note to yourself. If you want, you can have it sent to your future self.

September 24 – Take A Walk

This one is easy! Go out and take a walk. If you’re interested in the art of wandering, exploring, adventuring, or living loudly on your walks, I have a talk you might be interested in.

September 25 – Affirmations

Affirmations are such beautiful reminders we can use daily to promote positive thinking. Your goal is to come up with one, post one, draw one, say one out loud, however you want to do it! If you’re an Uncustomary Babe, you have access to dozens of pre-made affirmation images. Not an Uncustomary Babe member? Join now!

September 26 – Rainbow

Rainbows are the beauty after the storm. Interpret this however you want. Just post a rainbow, babe.

September 27 – Tourism Day

Today is World Tourism Day! It’s a great day to be a tourist in your own city or to share with us your favorite place you’ve traveled to or where is next on your travel wish list!

September 28 – Face Mask

Your challenge for today is to do a face mask. There are so many cool ones out there for around a dollar, I’m getting overwhelmed with all the options! Check out your local drug store for a fancy face mask and snap a picture of you wearing it!

September 29 – Delicious Drink

Make a fancy, delicious, healthy, nourishing drink and bonus points for adorning it with decorations, fruit slices, etc.

September 30 – Nature

On this last day of the September Self-Love Instagram Challenge, I simple want you to spend time in nature. It can be the woods, a park, the beach, your backyard. Just go outside. Bonus points for bare feet!

Yay! You did it! Stay tuned for my favorite picture round ups.