I love making lists of ways to celebrate things, and the seasonal changes are no different! Fall is hands down my favorite season. It totally takes the cake. You Southern Hemisphere babes are moving into my second favorite season, and I haven’t forgotten about you! You can check out the Spring Bucket List to plan your celebratory activities.

Fall Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Fall | Uncustomary

100 Things To Do In Fall

1. Jump in a neatly organized pile of leaves
2. Pick out a pumpkin (and gourd) at a farm
3. Carve or decorate said pumpkin
4. Eat a caramel or candied apple
5. Learn the Choreography to “Thriller”
6. Watch Hocus Pocus
7. Go on a scary hay ride
8. Walk through a haunted house
9. Wear all of your sweaters, boots, + scarves
10. Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters
11. Go trick-or-treating
12. Visit a cemetery
13. Spot a V of migrating birds
14. Get lost in a corn maize
15. Replace all the stuff in your friend’s refrigerator with fake plastic heads
16. Get ridiculous and call pumpkin spice lattes “PSL”s
17. Make fun of ridiculous people who call pumpkin spice lattes “PSL”s
18. Attend a festival or fair
19. Make a list of things you’re grateful for
20. Watch Beetlejuice
21. Tell a ghost story
22. Take a day trip and listen to your favorite Fall Mix
23. Go horseback riding
24. Decorate everything
25. Make like a tree and get the fuck out of here
26. Watch cheesy horror movies like Evil Dead
27. Take a walk through a park and try to catch falling leaves
28. Dress up and go to a costume party
29. Have a bonfire

Fall Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Fall | Uncustomary

30. Perfect your Dracula accent
31. Take pictures of the changing leaves
32. Put googly eyes on everything
33. Press leaves you collect in your journal
34. Mail your friends themed cards
35. Have a leaf catching contest
36. Visit A Renaissance Fair
37. Make plenty of “pumpking” typos
38. Bake leftover pumpkin seeds
39. Watch appropriate Charlie Brown movies
40. Sample all the different seasonal pumpkin flavored beers
41. Enter a 5K (like the Zombie one)
42. Eat pumpkin and apple pies
43. Do some Fall Cleaning
44. Rake your neighbor’s lawn
45. Put a fake wound on your face and run errands
46. Come up with pun based costume ideas
47. Make a scarecrow
48. Dress up as a scarecrow in your yard and jump out at passersby
49. Do a nature scavenger hunt
50. Knit a scarf

Fall Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Fall | Uncustomary

51. Take advantage of the awesome shows coming back on TV
52. Make handprint turkeys
53. Watch Halloweentown
54. Plant acorns
55. Embrace hoody weather
56. Snuggle on a porch swing
57. Watch The World Series
58. Dress like a lumberjack and go chop some wood
59. Make cornhusk dolls
60. Get a costume for your pet, force them to wear it
61. Complain about Daylight Savings
62. Go to New England (apparently it’s the best kind of Fall)
63. Create leaf rubbings
67. Plan a winter vacation
68. Turn into a pumpkin at midnight
69. Read the books that were on your Summer To Do List
70. Dance to The Monster Mash
71. Pretend bales of hay are really chairs
72. Have a toilet paper mummifying race
73. Tailgate at a football game
74. Educate yourself on the actual history of American Thanksgiving
75. Get your face painted

Fall Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Fall | Uncustomary

76. Cut holes in a pumpkin so you can put a baby in it
77. Make spiderwebs out of glitter
78. Light an apple or pumpkin scented candle
79. Roast s’mores on a fire
80. Have a photoshoot in a pumpkin patch or pile of leaves
81. Put everything in mason jars – drinks, flowers, condoms, teeth
82. Make a list of things you’re grateful for
83. Convince your boyfriend and/or guy friends to participate in Movember
84. Get your nails done like a witch
85. Celebrate the Day Of The Dead
86. Bring a broken broom into your office, throw it on the ground, and say, “Sorry I’m late for work”
87. Knock on neighbors’ doors and say “Trick Or Treat” not on October 31st
88. Knock on neighbors’ doors and give them candy
89. Take a hike
90. Have a Candy Corn Cleave Competition (throw candy corn in your friends’ cleavage)
91. Participate in Nanowrimo
92. Put googly eyes on everything
93. Attend Oktoberfest
94. Put a bunch of superstitious things in your front yard like a giant number 13, black cat, ladder, pieces of a broken mirror
95. Say “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious”
96. Cast a spell
97. Drink cider
98. Wear a mask under your mask and wait for someone to ask you to take it off
99. Make a snowman out of pumpkins
100. Alienate your friends in the opposing hemisphere with a list of 100 things to do this season

Want a pretty printable of all these things to keep track of your Fall activities?


Fall Bucket List Printable!

Photos: Maura Housley