The Spring Equinox is here, and that means so much is starting to happen! Flowers are blooming, the days are staying light longer, the air is warmer, and there’s so much room for activities!

I love making lists of ways to celebrate things, and the seasonal changes are no different! Spring isn’t my favorite season, but it’s close. The mild weathered seasons are my favorite, but Autumn definitely takes the cake. You Southern Hemisphere babes are moving into my favorite season, and I haven’t forgotten about you! You can check out the Fall Bucket List to plan your celebratory activities.

Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Spring | Uncustomary

I made you a list of one hundred things to add to your Spring To Do List, and a printable (colorful) PDF with my own ridiculous illustrations on it. You can download that for free below! (Or if you’re in my Membership Group, you can go download it with your special password.)

100 Things To Do In Spring

1. Have a picnic on a blanket with a really good friend
2. Fly a kite
3. Get a group of people together to make a May Pole
4.ย Stock up on pastel clothes and accessories
5. Plant seeds
6. Clean out your desk, studio, closet, or maybe clean your mattress.
7. Make physical prints of the photos you took last year, or get a gift customized at Personalized By Kate
8. Visit a playground
9. Pick wildflowers
10. Bird watch
11. Search for four-leaf clovers
12. Splash in puddles
13. Create a nature themed scavenger hunt
14. Blow bubbles out of your car window
15. Build a table or decorate a bird house
16. Make a long ride on your bicycle, it will benefit your health
17. Wear a giant flower in your hair
18. Twirl in a field and mix in some smoke bomb photography
19. Cut up strawberries to put in your salad
20. Wear a flower in your hair (or make a flower crown)

Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Spring | Uncustomary

21. Search for a four leaf clover
22. Buy a bike, decorate it, and take a ride
23. Get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny
24. Climb a tree
25. Celebrate Ostara, the Spring Equinox
26. Make a list of as many reasons you can think of why you love Spring
27. Watch the sunrise
28. Draw a rainbow
29. Check out yard and estate sales
30. Visit DC to see the Cherry Blossoms
31. Open all the windows in your house
32. Sketch some nature
33. Go kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boating
34. Go to a drive-in movie theater
35. Visit a farmerโ€™s market
36. Dye eggs
37. Burn jasmine or rose scented incense
38. Play hopscotch
39. Get the sweet stuff out of a honeysuckle
40. Do something drastic to your hair
41. Have a garden tea party
42. Cloud-gaze and find shapes in them with your imagination
43. Visit a Tulip Garden or Botanical Garden
44. So some yoga outside
45. Make your own Spring to do list
46. Celebrate Chicken Dance Day on May 14th
47. Do some guerrilla gardening in your city
48. Tie-dye something you can wear
49. Take a hike
50. Pick up litter on the streets to create a clean environment
51. Pet a bunny
52. Wear clashing floral prints
53. Make a wish on a dandelion
54. Read some Mother Goose poems
55. Get yourself a huge floppy hat and even bigger sunglasses
56. Put fresh cut flowers in a vase in your house
57. Paint rocks or make a pet rock
58. Sun yourself in a park or your backyard
59. Go on a Spring Break vacation
60. Write a Spring-themed haiku
61. Send postcards to celebrate Postcard Week the first week of May
62. Have an egg scavenger hunt with friends or leave them around your city for strangers
63. Use something delicious to make popsicles
64. Play Frisbee
65. Visit a flea market
66. Celebrate Earth Day

Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Spring | Uncustomary

67. Write a limerick
68. Play with ribbon wands
69. Wear candy necklaces
70. Make a bird feeder
71. Recycle materials for art installations
72. Eat an excessive amount of Cadbury Eggs
73. Get a bright fancy pedicure to prepare your tootsies for sandals
74. Draw with sidewalk chalk
75. Make a Spring-themed playlist/mix CD
76. Start recycling
77. Search for murals in your city
78. Build a fairy house
79. Play leap frog
80. Photograph flowers
81. Heat up Peeps in the microwave
82. Get a new haircut
83. Attend opening day for your local baseball team
84. Skip stones in a pond, lake, ocean
85. Hang a prism from your rear-view mirror
86. Wash your car
87. Splurge on a colorful, fancy umbrella
88. Hang up a windchime
89. Get some free swag at your local comic store on Free Comic Book Day
90. Attend International Pillow Fight Day on April 2nd
91. Play mini golf (additional reading)
92. Take advantage of half off Easter candy the Monday after
93. Visit the beach in the off season
94. Pull off elaborate April Foolโ€™s Day pranks
95. Plan a Summer vacation
96. Make your own tutu
97. Dry some flowers
98. Revel in the longer daylight each day
99. Plant a butterfly bush
100. Wear bunny ears

Ready for the printable PDF version with my colorful poorly drawn illustrations? Download below for free!

Printable Spring Bucket List

Did I miss anything? What’s on your Spring Bucket List this year?