It’s so important to take ourselves on solo dates! No matter if you’re single, in a relationship(s), recently broken up, or whatever — spending time alone in a purposeful way is extremely important. I always feel happy and rejuvenated after I schedule a day for myself and spend it doing whatever I want! One of my favorite go-to dates is to drive around looking for quirky roadside attractions and/or street art murals.

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50 Solo Date Ideas | Uncustomary

50 Solo Date Ideas

1. Cover your sidewalk or driveway in sidewalk chalk
2. Be a tourist in your own city
3. Get a palm or Tarot card reading
4. See a movie
5. Explore a row of antique shops
6. Just drive and explore from your car
7. Go to Sephora and use make-up samples
8. Eat dinner at a restaurant
9. Stay up all night diving into your hobbies
10. Go back to the town you grew up in
11. Go shopping for a new sex toy
12. Walk around with a camera
13. See a play
14. Check in at a hotel
15. Plant a garden
16. Visit a museum
17. Take a fancy, luxurious bath
18. Write at a cafe
19. Take a hike/explore nature
20. Go shopping for a new outfit
21. Attend a sports game
22. People watch
23. Crash an open house and pretend you’re a millionaire
24. Have a Spa Day
25. Do some cloud watching

50 Solo Date Ideas | Uncustomary

26. Visit a botanical garden
27. Go to a concert
28. Create a ritual
29. Play mini golf
30. Take a day trip
31. Have a solo in-the-dark dance party with glow sticks
32. Visit a farmer’s market
33. Pay to go on a hot air balloon
34. Go shopping for something you want (not need)
35. Sit down to write a list of reasons you’re wonderful
36. Do yoga outdoors
37. Get a session of hypnosis or past life regression
38. Have a selfie photoshoot
39. Dance on a street corner (put a hat out for tips)
40. Have a drink at a bar
41. Go Geocaching
42. Visit an animal shelter
43. Bake cokies with a novelty cookie cutter
44. Have an art picnic
45. Get your aura photographed
46. Cover your bedroom walls and/or ceiling in cut out hearts or stars
47. Decorate your bicycle and go for a ride
48. Take a class
49. Write letters and postcards to friends and penpals
50. Go to the library

Photos: Maura Housley