Taking a bath is a wonderful, joyous luxury. If you get the chance to do it, I highly recommend it. I also recommend squeezing every ounce of joy out of it that you can! Did you know there is even a Bathtub Party Day on December 5th? I love unusual holidays! To celebrate life and this holiday, I have a list of 50 ways to make a bath special, including a free playlist and download of an extra 25 ways to make a bath special!

50 Ways To Make A Bath Special | Uncustomary

1. Go old school with super soapy bubble bath and lather up
2. Get some colors and scents going with an amazing bath bomb from Lush, or my personal favorite, Witch Baby
3. Bring in a great book to get lost in while your fingers get all pringly
4. Get some floating LED lights to make your water like an indoor water rave
5. Make it a happy hour with your favorite cocktail (don’t forget the fruit wedge and mini umbrella!)
6. Fashion a shelf to lay across the tub so you can safely lay your drink, reading materials, etc.
7. Light some candles and set them at the edges of the tub for some mood lighting
8. Make your own bath bomb with a DIY from Pinterest, or do a DIY exchange with a friend and put a little prize inside for each other to find
9. Cut or buy yourself fresh flowers to set around the rim of the tub and enjoy the beautiful scents
10. Add some Epsom salts to the water to help ease sore muscles and tension
11. Invest in a head pillow that suction cups to the edge of the tub to rest your lovely head on and really sink into the relaxation
12. Theme your bath and go all out (ideas: luau, disco, mermaid)
13. Drop in some essential oils in your favorite scent (when diluted in large amounts of water, it’s not bad for the skin — try about 8 drops)
14. Put on a sheet face mask before you get in (that way it will be easy to pull off if you want to stay in the bath longer than it needs to stay on for)
15. Mix fire and water by getting yourself some floating candles
16. Don’t forget to give your tub a good scrubbing before you get in there so you feel nice and clean afterwards and don’t see anything weird floating around that will distract you from relaxing
17. Jam out to good music (I made you a relaxing bath playlist below)

18. Have your bath on every new and full moon and create a ritual out of it
19. Play with bath foam on the walls of the shower, your body, etc.
20. Put herbs into a spice/tea bag so they can soak into your bath water, but not clog up the drain
21. Keep water nearby so you don’t dehydrate/get dizzy (and definitely chug it when you’re done and squeaky clean)
22. Throw in some real flower petals
23. Splash around like a mermaid (we all know you’re moonlighting as one anyway)
24. Have a special kind of bath like a milk or oatmeal bath
25. Add a sailboat (or a dozen) to the mix
26. Get yourself a waterproof speaker
27. Bring along some snacks (who knows how long we’ll be in there, and I haven’t had dinner since yesterday)
28. Invest in fluffy towels that will easily transition your end of bath experience back to reality
29. If your bath bomb smells great but leaves something to be desired color-wise, throw in a Crayola bath dropz for a shock of rainbow
30. Place crystals along the edge of the tub for extra energy
31. Get some water markers to write yourself inspiring notes or draw inappropriate pictures on the wall that will wash right off
32. Shampoo your hair into a mohawk
33. Get a waterproof sex toy and go to town

50 Ways To Make A Bath Special | Uncustomary

34. Freeze ice with some colored dye and add it to your water for some sensory fun
35. Bring in one of those towels that are shrunk down into a hard square or any of those toys that you “just add water” to
36. Figure out how many things in your house float, and bring them all with you into the tub
37. Have a photoshoot of you covered in bubbles
38. Bring in a friend (bathing suits allowed, but not required)
39. Buy yourself the comfiest bath robe to slip into once you’re dry (bonus points if it has a hood that turns you into an animal)
40. Turn off the lights and crack some glow sticks *boots and cats and boots and cats*
41. Insist on wearing those arm flotation devices little kids wear at the pool
42. Wear your mermaid fin in (you can wash your legs later if you have them)
43. Get an outdoor bathtub and bathe outdoors or on a roof
44. Turn out the lights, and float around while listening to your favorite guided meditation
45. Brush your hair with a dinglehopper, Ariel style
46. Smudge/Sage your bathroom to cleanse the energy beforehand
47. Scatter seashells around you for a total beach vibe
48. Make use of this time to catch up on the best podcasts you’ve been putting on your queue
49. Blow bubbles on top of bubble bath while chewing bubble gum
50. Don’t forget the rubber ducks (yeah, multiple — be inspired)

25 Supplies For A Bathtub Party!

How do you make a bath special?

Photos: Maura Housley