Did you know December 5th is Bathtub Party Day?! This is a pretty important unusual holiday, babes. Baths are pretty magical and great for relaxation, mindfulness, and self-love. Who says they have to be all dimly lit with rose petals, though? (I mean, they can be; that’s awesome, too.) They can also be a celebration! Party your naked butt off in the bathtub.

Bathtub Party Day! | Uncustomary

20 Ways To Celebrate Bathtub Party Day

1. Wear a party hat
2. Blow (soap) bubbles
3. Fill your tub with tiny white balloons instead of water
4. Use a bath bomb
5. Blast music
6. Bring some wine along
7. Hire a photographer
8. Fill the tub with rubber ducks
9. Hang a disco ball from the ceiling above the tub
10. Flop around in a mermaid tail
11. Invite a friend 😉
12. Hang twinkle lights around the ceiling
13. Screw water, fill the tub with confetti
14. Take the curtain off
15. Bring in some goggles from some deep-sea diving
16. Throw in some waterproof LED floaters
17. Stick an underwater disco light to the bottom of your tub
18. Put a slab of wood across the tub as a shelf so there’s more room for activities
19. Invite a pet who isn’t terrified of the water (is there an Otter-renting service anyone knows about?)
20. Make a shampoo Mohawk

Bathtub Party Day! | Uncustomary

PS – If you want a free printable list of 25 supplies you might want to stock up on for Bathtub Party Day, click below!

25 Supplies For Bathtub Party Day!


What are you waiting for? GO TAKE A BATH, SILLY! Or at least plan out your bathtub party. I want to hear all about your ideal bathtub party.

Photos: Maura Housley