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Well, the last minute of April has passed, and I made it through without shaving my head, crashing my car, or ruining a relationship. April has notoriously been a month where I make some sort of severely drastic change in my life, not always for the better. Something about this time of year, I guess. I did do a lot of re-evaluating in my life goals and current personal lifestyle, but I think that introspection will definitely help me in the long run.

Happy May! | Uncustomary Art

So now we’re moving on to May. The month where we celebrate Free Comic Book Day (2nd), Chicken Dance Day (14th), and Hug Your Cat Day (29th). We will also observe Creative Beginnings Month and Hamburger Month, both of which I can fully get on board with… as long as cheese is involved. I’m also looking forward to attending Playa Del Feugo for the first time and some exciting events like my Black Tie Bowling night and Jason’s Game Of Foams Battle.

My top ten things from April were:  April surprising me as the Easter Bunny  Taking big, beautiful steps with Joe (and meeting his family)  Doing Guerrilla Gardening for Earth Day  Cherry Blossoms Picnic  Participating in the March For Love + Justice in Baltimore  Being in the studio audience at The Nightly Show  My positive sidewalk chalk getting shared all over the internet  An impromptu muffin eating contest on the street  Seeing Ke$ha live  Visiting Sherwood Gardens to see the blossoming tulips

Pssst. I’m keeping up with my Photobooth A Month goal!

Happy May! | Uncustomary Art

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Happy May! | Uncustomary Art

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Okay, your turn! What are you looking forward to in May? I’m wishing you a month full of shiny ribbon twirling, puddle splashing, and crisp cool bed sheets sprawling!