Most of the time I’m pretty happy. Sometimes I get angry and desire bloodshed, and I’m almost always hungry and tired, but overall I don’t struggle with any mood disorders. Except maybe mania in the night time.
Anyway, I know that most humans aren’t as lucky. Sometimes you guys are just sad? You guys get to open that big food box, go outside whenever, and touch me all the time and sometimes you’re sad. It’s pretty much bogus, because I don’t think you’ve ever had to sleep outside or almost been put down, but I guess your problems are legitimate.
So I wanted to share some of the things that I do to keep busy. Keeping busy is important. I’m a doctor, I know these things. Follow my lead.
– explore boxes
– place curses
– rage
– plot bird murder
– knit
– play with toys
– meditate
– write
– take pictures or a nap
I hope these help you. I may be rude, but I’m also a PhD.
And here’s a song to get you through the day:

System Of A Down – “Chop Suey”
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