Well hello again. How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was good because Mary didn’t make me dress up for it. Today I’m going to talk about something that’s more practical than the things I’ve been discussing previously. That thing is household items.
There are many things that can be found around a common human home that can be really useful. Some things you might not realize can be so fun. And let’s be honest, some of you might not even know what some of them are for. So here’s what I’ve got for you.#1: Scissors
Humans use these for: making lots of slivers of paper that stay on the floor for a long time.
You can also: put your paw through the holes and push it off surfaces, onto the floor.

#2: Towels
Humans use these for: wrapping around their fur after getting wet
You can also: lay on them for cushions

#3: Step Ladders
Humans use these for: going up high to get to the dead insects that hide in the bright thing
You can also: perch and climb
#4: Books
Humans use these for: putting on their laps
You can also: learn until you’re tired#5: Toilet Paper
Humans use these for: putting in the water I can’t go in
You can also: make a stylish accessory or tear up with fury

#6: Chairs
Humans use these for: sitting
You can also: use them for attack launches

#7: Bottles
Humans use these for: eating
You can also: stack on top of each other for voodoo

#8: Windows
Humans use these for: nothing
You can also: plot bird murders

#9: Plastic Things
Humans use these for: nothing
You can also: sharpen claws and teeths

I would also like to include this video of me carefully utilizing a plastic bag.

And here’s a song I’m really into right now:

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