The less frequently an area gets snow, the quicker people are to get crazy about preparing for a snowstorm. In Maryland, we always get to experience all four seasons. There have only been a couple years that I remember making it all the way to Spring without seeing a snowflake, but we still freak out and stock up on toilet paper, water bottles, and bread when The Weather Channel announces that frozen precipitation might be a possibility. And by we, I mean Maryland. I’ve never gone out to get anything more severe than a corn dog when I know the snow is coming.

40 Crazy + Classic Ways To Have Fun In The Snow

I don’t know if you’re in a place that gets a lot of snow or not, but right now my front yard is covered in a white blanket that Bug doesn’t understand and I thought I’d share a list of things you might want to do when it snows. I’ve divided it up into crazy and classic things you can do in the snow and things you can do inside when it snows.

Crazy Things To Do In The Snow

freeze colorful water inside balloons
 blow bubbles in freezing temperatures to watch them freeze and shatter
replicate your living room with snow furniture
slide down a hill on a block of ice
build an upside down snowman, or a more challenging character (Minion!)
hide objects that can’t be water damaged in the snow, as surprises for strangers after it melts away
 stage a snowman suicide
 put on all your bulky snow clothes and try to hula hoop
play with food dye
 build an igloo out of colorful ice bricks, then light it up!

Classic Things To Do In The Snow

build a snowman
make snow angels
have a snowball fight
freeze a snowball for next Summer
build a snow fort
go snow tubing
shovel a neighbor’s yard or cut your time in half with two-stage snow blowers
go sledding
go snowboarding or skiing (make your own ice skating rink!)
try to catch snowflakes on your tongue

40 Crazy + Classic Ways To Have Fun In The Snow

Crazy Things To Do Inside When It Snows

 have an indoor snowball fight
 make flyers for lost snowmen to hang around your neighborhood
 record an infomercial for a fake product
 break out the pogs you never threw away from the 90’s
 cover yourself in temporary tattoos
 make prank phone calls
 blow up enough balloons to fill up your bedroom
 create laser beams in your hallway with yarn
 draw upside down faces on your chin and take photos
 conduct a science experiment

Classic Things To Do Inside When It Snows

drink hot chocolate
cut out (colorful) paper snowflakes
bake cookies
make a snow globe
listen to a winter playlist
knit something — like a yarnbomb!
draw snowman faces on marshmallows
make up choreography to old pop songs
take a hot bath
 build a fort

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This snowflake field was from my 365 Days Of Guerrilla Art project.

What do you like to do when it snows?