Happy Paper Snowflake Day! Paper snowflakes are a wonderful and simple craft that can make any area fancy. I like to do them with colored paper, instead of the traditional white (and imagine what it would be like if snow was colored). So, in honor of today’s holiday, I cut out about 20 snowflakes using folding tutorials like this and this. I think the easiest way is the first tutorial, but you do get some very interesting designs using the others!

I strung yarn from a wire hanger and used mini clothespins to clip them up. My plan was to leave it on the tree in my front yard today, but it’s really windy outside, and they’d all fly away in a minute. So I hung the makeshift mobile from my porch light, draping the snowflakes over my purple mailbox. (Yes, it’s still outside, but there’s a brick wall blocking the wind.) I hope I didn’t make it too hard for my postlady!

Cutting them out is a fun process, especially because it leaves you with really pretty trash/recycling!

Glitter and paper scraps are two of the four main reasons my carpet is constantly dirty (yarn fuzzies and cat fur being the other two).

Cutting snowflakes out is a very creative process, because you have to make new choices with each design. Thinking about what cut placement will equal what design can produce really beautiful snowflakes, but it’s also fun to just haphazardly snip and cut all over!

If you celebrate Paper Snowflake Day today, I’d love to see the results! You can also cross off #92 on the 100 Ways To Be Creative list.