Merry Christmas Eve! Today I want to share a yarnbomb I did in honor of winter. Last year, I did a jingle bell yarnbomb, so you can see that this color scheme reminds me of this time of year. When I saw this fuzzy blue yarn, I knew it had to be a part of my winter work. Bug literally can’t control himself around the skein. He can usually take redirection and hang out while I knit, but he attacks it like an addict. I let him have what was left (after several chase scenes down to his “secret spot”).

This yarnbomb is on South Charles in Federal Hill. It’s always funny to me what happens during the middle of an installation. I almost always get approached, but usually it’s not related to what I’m doing. I think that people assume that since I’m doing this, I must be friendly, so they ask me lots of questions. I had to give directions and point people in the direction of the church that people were arriving to while I was sewing this onto the pole.

(opposite side)

Wishing you a winter wonderland!