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5 Ways To Decrease Your Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect over three million Americans every year, and that’s not including those who go undiagnosed and untreated. That’s a pretty big number, especially considering how little it’s understood. Anxiety and depression are the more common types of mental illness in the US, so there’s slightly less stigma surrounding those two types of disorders […]

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Mental Health Awareness Playlist

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and to honor it I decided to make a playlist of songs about mental illness. These are songs that are really making the symptoms of the disorders feel real with just the lyrics, they’re songs that can help in a way to know you’re not alone. Altogether, this isn’t […]

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I Have Tourette’s

Tourette’s started everything. It’s how I started my first book; it’s how I believe my real life started. Sure, I had memories before then like realizing I was the only one who could read Mrs. Queen’s cursive notes to herself on the Kindergarten chalkboard or my dad rushing me to my grandma’s house because my […]

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Self-Love Prompts: Write A Letter To Your Mental Illness

Self-Love Prompts is a series I started after creating a list of 50 self-love writing prompts. People like you select a prompt that speaks to them, work on it, and send me their response so I can share it with you guys! We’re continuing on this series with Kelsey. I’m excited to have her contributing […]

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