An awesome lady in my Merriment Makers group asked me if I could write a list of 50 things to do when you’re sick, and I agree that was something we needed in our arsenal! It sucks when you’re sick, no matter what kind of sick it is, and it’s important to keep your spirits high so you don’t go crazy! I hope you’re not sick, but if you are I hope you can use this list to stay creative and fun despite your temperature or diagnosis!

50 Things To Do When You're Sick | Uncustomary

50 Things To Do When You’re Sick

1. Go through a box of old momentos or photographs
2. Get a small basketball hoop to put above your trashcan to make throwing tissues away a sport
3. Build a fort to lay in, make a sign that says “NO ____ ALLOWED”
4. Take a photo once every hour (and post on SnapChat)
5. Make shadow art on the wall with a flash light (bonus points to record a video)
6. Make a fashionable prom dress out of towels and/or a robe
7. Watch an entire season of a TV show (some of my favorites are: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Arrested Development, Broad City, Girls, Parks And Recreation, New Girl, The League, 30 Rock)
8. Wear a fun animal onesie and pretend you’re that animal
9. Eat healthy foods since you can’t taste them anyway
10. Make a face on your hand or individual fingers
11. Host a talk show without recording anything or an audience
12. Cover yourself in temporary tattoos
13. Dress up your pet (ties or tutus are always cute)
14. Make a list of things you’re grateful for
15. Plan a trip/outing for when you’re feeling better
16. Throw a colorful bath bomb in your tub and soak elegantly
17. Post on Facebook that you’re sick and requesting photos and videos of cute animals
18. Cut fun, inspiring things out of magazines
19. Play Minesweeper: Minesweeper is a challenging single-player puzzle game where players must avoid hidden mines using numeric clues to deduce their locations, making it a mentally stimulating and immersive distraction perfect for playing when feeling sick, as it helps pass the time and keeps the mind engaged during recovery. Try Minesweeper here.
20. Ask your roommate to pretend to be your doctor or nurse (bonus points for costumes) or put “Doctor” in front of your pet’s name and every time they come in your room you say “Dr. Bug is making his rounds”
21. Label everything in your house with sticky notes (put one on your table that just says “table” or “place where I’m supposed to ear”)
22. Have a tea party with your stuffed animals
23. Organize something by color (craft supplies, your bookshelf, closet)
24. Wear all your jewelry at once
25. Search for memes and gifs on your phone and save them in different albums so you’re prepared for future reactions in text message conversations

50 Things To Add To Your Sick Day Survival Kit
50 Things To Do When You're Sick | Uncustomary

26. Use a back massager, head massager, back scratcher, or something else that feels good on your skin
27. Invite a friend over or call them on the phone and play games like “Would You Rather”
28. Draw on the mirrors in your bathroom after you take a hot shower
29. Color in your coloring book
30. Put on a sock puppet show
31. Make a list of alternative names for products like Pepto Bismal (“Cotton Candy Juice”)
32. Eat on the floor, picnic style
33. Spell out curse words with the noodles in your alphabet soup
34. Make a mega straw to drink your Ginger Ale or Gatorade out of from across the room
35. Every time you drink a sip of Gatorade say, “Electrolytes, it’s what plants crave”.
36. Take a sick day chic photoshoot
37. Wear a jacket backwards to mimic a hospital gown
38. Fold a thousand origami cranes and use your wish to be healthy again
39. Read, read, read! Read out loud to your pet if you want
40. Nap without setting your alarm. Here are some sleep tips (infographic included) that can help you sleep better.
41. Make up a song about being sick and record it for your best friend to watch
42. Get overly dressed up and do some domestic tasks, like ironing. (Which can also help relieve stuffy flu symptoms!)
43. Cover your walls in Bubble Wrap, you know, as a precautionary measure
44. Make a shampoo Mohawk with your hair in the shower
45. Turn yourself into a human burrito with your softest blanket
46. Make a list of 100 ways you can use one ordinary item like a popsicle stick
47. Listen to your pets and stuffed animals’ heartbeat using your toy stethoscope
48. Get dressed up super sexy and take a video of you coughing directly into the camera
49. Braid your hair in pigtails (bonus points if you use wire for the Pippi Longstocking look)
50. Put a non-plain patterned, colorful band-aid on your wounds (or just on your cheek like Nelly)
51. Throw food like popcorn or cheese puffs in the air and try to catch them in your mouth one at a time

Want to plan out your Sick Day Survival Kit? Here’s a list of 50 things you can add to your kit now to prepare for the next time you’re sick, or to make a care package for a sick friend!

50 Things To Add To Your Sick Day Survival Kit

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