Welcome back to Supersonic Self-Love! Today, I’m going to be talking about mental health and mental illness. I’ll start by sharing a bit of my story with mental illness to give you a bit of an idea of where I’m coming from and why this topic is so important to me and folded into what I do and teach.

I’m also going to talk about about the difference between mental health and mental illness, the importance of de-stigmatizing mental illness and how we can do that, how we use labels and the importance of “person-first speech” and intentional language.

Then, I’ll move into the process of acknowledging and accepting having a mental illness and educating ourselves and others, and ways to take care of yourself on rough mental health days.

I’ll end with a free EFT/Tapping session on a combination of these things, focusing on accepting mental illness and not letting it define you.

Warning: I’m going to be covering all aspects of mental illness in this episode, and I will touch on things including trauma, eating disorders, self-harm, and specific disorders. If those are triggers for you, please use caution in proceeding for your own mental health and self-care.

Your homework is to:

1) Make a list of difficult mental health day self-care non-negotiables
2) Make a self-care tool kit (see free download for ideas)

35 Things To Add To Your Self-Care Kit!

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