You guys! Guess what today is?? It’s World Kindness Day! This is a big and important holiday to celebrate. I’ve been spending the past week revving up and doing related projects, which I will be sharing tomorrow. I would love to hear what you decide to do to celebrate today. Be compassionate and aware. Love your neighbors, pets, and yourself. You might want to check out my 26 Acts Of Kindness post, my RAOK tag, or this list of ideas for inspiration!

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+ this unicorn butt art
+ celebrating World Kindness Day a week in advance
+ the success of the Celebration link-up
+ making tons of stickers for guerrilla art
+ rainbow anatomy street art

+ one of my neighbor’s kitties being in my tree (who looks a lot like Bug)
+ the season nine finale of It’s Always Sunny
+ emptying my inbox
+ finally trying Royal Farm’s chicken
+ the intensity of joy in this aerobic work out video

+ the winter lights going up on Pratt Street
+ booking my plane ticket to San Francisco for Ex Postal Facto!
+ the operating room flash mob video
+ fulfilling a fortune that was mailed to me
+ how this guy immediately seizes an opportunity to dance

+ feet, fishnets, and fall
+ this video on equality and being out of the closet
+ being able to help out two guys who needed change for parking
+ this video that gave me goosebumps that I didn’t want to get rid of
+ paint dancing on speakers

+ this interaction on my Facebook
+ cleaning out the trunk of my car
+ a night out with The Ashleys in Hampden
+ a beautiful boy telling me I have nice eyes
+ supporting this amazing kickstarter

+ attending an Erotic Gallery Opening (complete with Spanking Bar)
+ remembering how bad I am at playing pool
+ painting my nails red and tying a red ribbon to my finger
+ working for seven straight hours, transporting blogger posts to WordPress and fixing broken links
+ a beautiful way to make subway conductors smile

+ going into a book store to do guerrilla kindness and immediately seeing this Keri Smith display
+ working on Monthly Marvels
+ emerald dress and coral leggings
+ celebrating 11/11 and catching 11:11 pm to make a wish
+ my favorite HONY post as of late

+ taking naps with a rude Bug
+ going on a date involving two playgrounds
+ getting to 450 “likes” on Facebook
+ Michelle being inspired by my e-mail subscription to think about her own life and goals
+ Maru making me wonder if Bug could climb a ladder

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What’s on your happiness list this week?