I consider the beginning of my street art adventures to be my first yarnbombing, but the truth is, I was doing guerrilla art even before that. I used to buy blank sheets of labels and write on them. When my friends didn’t have any ideas for what to do that day, I would bring blank sheets and Sharpies and we would go stickering.

Stickering is very easy and fun. It’s truly a small piece of happy that you have to look for to appreciate. The majority of my stickers go on poles, and most of the time, people walk by them without thinking. They’re so common, they blend in with the scenery.

My writing on label days aren’t completely over, but I have advanced. I now have a Xyron creative station, similar to this, that I use to make my own stickers. Anything can be a sticker! A postcard, something I cut out of a magazine, or found on the street…just add adhesive! It’s one of my favorite possessions, filling the room with potential. I turn paper into stickers and I take it to the streets.

A list of things that made a penpal happy

Once, I signed up for Postcard Poets, a service that send your poems on see-through postcards. I thought they were so beautiful that I felt guilty keeping hem. Check out their project!

This is something I made, per Michelle’s idea list, when we first met and went out stickering and leaving notes for strangers in 2012. It just resurfaced.

All of these stickers were installed in the same day in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore. There is a row of poles next to the main street, and I added one sticker to each pole. I realized that a man was following behind me, giving me space, but checking out each sticker once I moved onto the next pole. My first instinct was that it was creepy, but I didn’t mind it. He was genuinely intrigued.

Have you ever tried stickering?