Hey! It’s Plush Animal Lovers Day! Maybe it’s time to celebrate your stuffed friends like I did back in August. Or maybe just an extra kiss on the top of their soft head will work. 😉 How’s your week going? This past week has been pretty good. On Friday, after a fun photoshoot, I headed off to photograph some roadside attractions, which I will be posting more about soon. In my travels, I found some cool stuff that wasn’t on my list, like this wheel sculpture.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness

Thursday night, a gaggle of gals got together to celebrate MaryAnna’s birthday. We started at Clementine in Baltimore, where Susan works. She provided a giant meal for us for free. It was incredible. I couldn’t even eat half the stuff that was brought to us. That place is delicious, though, and I even had heart for the first time! (eeep.)

Afterwards, we headed to April’s for games, drinks, and a bonfire. At one point, April just dropped a firework in the bonfire and quietly got up to back away from the scene of the crime. Erica noticed that a box had appeared with the letters “TNT” on it and we all jumped back. This is why I love April.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness

Extra Sparkle:  flash mob practice for Thriller  having exact change for parking meters  an amazing package from Michelle  making an altar  getting bangs  reminiscing about 80’s/90’s glamour shots (remember those soft pink boas and giant hairstyles?)  orange Kit Kat gifts from Joe  being able to build your own burger like you’re ordering from a sushi menu at Abby Burger  Boy Meets World  the way Joe magically helped my put on my hoodie (if you’ve ever seen me try to put on a hoodie, you can understand this must have been real magic)  fun thrift store finds  sangria and cider  singing the lyrics to “Threw It On The Ground” all day  glitter falling off me all day after a photoshoot  riding the longest single span escalator in the Western Hemisphere  evading parking tickets  Autumn treescapes on backroads  Lil’ John from 2004  hilarious chalk drawings on the sides of pick up trucks  the lady at 7-11 advising us against a specific hotdog and following it up with “I’m trying to save your life going to a Hookah bar for the first time  Janice’s mummy hotdog drawing  doing a winestand  getting to a party and Holly saying, “Mary thank god. I’ve been telling these people how you can shake it better than any woman I know.”  a super sweet voicemail from Bradley

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness

There’s only a few days left till Halloween! Are you ready?! I’m going to be really sad when October is over, honestly. I wish that this wig shop in Old Town Mall was still open, because obviously they could help you out with your costume. 😉

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